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Reliving My Teenage Years Through Music | Yolanda @ Inspire and Wander

Reliving My Teenage Years Through Music | Inspire and Wander | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

For a lot of us, our teenage years are some of our most formative. They are the years where we really start growing into ourselves—we begin to develop our own tastes, discover the things we really love, and make special memories that end up lasting a lifetime. And although some of the memories we make during those years are better than others (because let’s face it, these years often are some of our most awkward, too), no matter our experiences, we all seem to have fond ones of the music that carried us through them. Yolanda from Inspire and Wander brings us our Music Monday post today, where she relives her own teenage days through the music she loved during those years, music that she shares with her own teenage son today. Enjoy!
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My Nostalgia: The Music of Up with People | Steven Greenlee

The Nostalgic Music of Up With People | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

From time to time, I remind our followers and friends on Facebook that we’re always looking for guest contributors for our Music Monday posts (email us if you’re interested), and I get so excited when people reach out and say they want to put together a playlist to be featured on the site. Why? Well, it means we have one less post we have to write!

Just kidding!

The truth behind why we love our guest contributors so much is that we love hearing and reading about what songs take other people back, because their memory-heavy music always has a way of making us feel nostalgic, too. This fun little phenomenon is one of the most amazing things about music, and nostalgia generally: it has an amazing way of bringing people together and connecting them through shared memories, feelings, and interests.

And speaking of bringing people together, this week’s Music Monday post—which is brought to us by a friend and co-worker, Steven Greenlee—is all about a group that has been bringing people together in a musical way for years: Up with People. Continue reading “My Nostalgia: The Music of Up with People | Steven Greenlee”

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Summertime Mix-Tape | Alleyn Harned

Summer Mix-Tape | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

Here at The Nostalgia Diaries, we’ve been having a great time celebrating summer. Over the past few months, we took a trip down memory lane with Becky Mollenkamp’s 5 Songs that Remind Me of Summers by the Pool and our own Nostalgic Summer BBQ Playlist. We encouraged you to get a little more sunshine, but also reminded you to wear sunscreen when doing so. And in case you may have missed it, all the way back in February we brought you our Sunshine & Summertime playlist, which featured 17 Songs to Ease Your Wintertime Woes (check it out—these songs are perfect for lazy, hazy days!) 

We think all this talk of summer goes to show you can never get too much of this season, especially when it comes to nostalgia. Because who isn’t nostalgic for this time of year, the one where fun times were always around the corner, just waiting to be discovered?

Today’s Music Monday playlist is brought to us from Alleyn Harned (a pretty rockin’ college friend of Corey’s), and we’re totally digging his awesome throwback Summertime Mix-Tape. We think you will, too, so crank these tunes up—they’re sure to get you in the groove today. Continue reading “Summertime Mix-Tape | Alleyn Harned”

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11 Nostalgia-Driven Songs | Pop and Rock

11 Nostalgia-Driven Songs | Pop and Rock | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

Last week we featured 11 country songs that were written specifically with nostalgia in mind. Songs about nostalgia—about reminiscing and memories and the past. But did you spot the one song that did not quite belong with the others? If you picked American Country Love Song by Jake Owen, you’re right. To be sure, a song like that can spark up nostalgic feelings:

In every town and every place
There’s a boy who’s tryin’ to take a chance and dance
And find a way to run away with her heart

But it’s not the same as say, I Go Back by Kenny Chesney:

I go back to a two-toned short bed Chevy
Drivin’ my first love out to the levy
Livin’ life with no sense of time Continue reading “11 Nostalgia-Driven Songs | Pop and Rock”

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11 Nostalgia-Driven Songs | Country

11 Nostalgia-Driven Songs | Country | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

Okay, fellow Nostalgia Seekers, when I say country music, what’s the first thing you think about?  Slide guitars and fiddles? Banjos? Hee-Haw? Honky-Tonks? The Grand Ole Opry? Do you avoid country music because you remember your parents listening to what you always thought were “twangy” country tunes? Does it remind you of long, hot road trips where the only thing you could find on the radio was a static-filled AM country station that your dad would leave on for hundreds of miles, when all you really wanted to do was sleep?

Certainly many of you may love those old country songs and artists. Patsy Cline. Charlie Pride. Dolly Parton. Hank Williams. Roy Clark. Glen Campbell. All left their mark on the  genre. But if you profess not to be a country fan, don’t judge the whole “country” genre by those older artists and their “twangy” sounds. Because if you avoid listening to all country music because you’re not a fan of Willie Nelson or George Strait, you are missing out on some of the most melodic, nostalgic, hit-you-right-in-the-feels music being recorded today. Continue reading “11 Nostalgia-Driven Songs | Country”