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18 Melodies for a Magical Music Monday

18 Magical Music Melodies for Music Monday | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

Magic is everywhere. You can spend magical moments with your loved ones. You can visit Mickey at the Magic Kingdom. You can give everything your “magic touch.” You can dress up like a fairy, wave your magic wand, and say Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!” You can perform amazing magic tricks to amuse and amaze your friends. You can ride the roller coasters at Magic Mountain. You can watch fabulous YouTube footage of the great Magic Johnson.

The moonlight is magical.  Sunsets are magical. Rainbows too. The ocean is magical. Mountains are magical. Old dusty books and faded photographs? Magical indeed. A wink and a smile. Holding hands. A kiss. All magical.

And MUSIC! Music is most definitely magical.

Today we give you 18 musical melodies sure to spark up some magical nostalgia on this marvelous May Monday! Enjoy! Continue reading “18 Melodies for a Magical Music Monday”

Music Monday · Nostalgia

5 Songs that Remind Me of Summers by the Pool | Becky Mollenkamp


Ahhhhh, it’s almost summertime (well, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), and what better way to spend a hot summer day than at the pool! Whether it was a kiddie wading pool, an above-ground backyard pool, a public pool, a country club pool, or even just a pond, most of us remember those relaxing days where the only responsibility you had was to make sure you turned your lounge chair to keep your tan even. 

Maybe you remember spritzing your hair with Sun-In, or slathering on the Hawaiian Tropic Oil.  Maybe you remember standing in line at the pool concession stand to get an ice-cold Coke or maybe candy (Laffy Taffy anyone?).  Maybe you remember being scared to go off the high dive for the first time, but then after that first successful jump, you couldn’t stay off it for the rest of the day.  Maybe you remember seeing how long you could hold your breath, or seeing if you could swim all the way across the pool underwater.  Maybe you remember shivering under a huge striped beach towel or laying on the hot concrete to warm up.  Maybe you remember how red your eyes would get if you didn’t bring your goggles. 

Diving for pennies… That cute lifeguard… “No running!“… Cannonballs off the diving board… so many memories.

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April Showers | 9 Songs To Keep You Singing In the Rain


March ended cold and dreary, with rainy days ushering in April. The forecast was snow (and they got some in the mountains), but it simply stayed gray and wet down here in the city.

I remember as a kid being excited about spring rain. It engaged all the senses: That telltale smell of an approaching rainstorm; listening to the rhythm of raindrops pelting the roof and windowpanes; tasting the clean drops that dripped down your face; feeling the power of pouncing into puddles; watching magical flashes of lightning dance across the night sky.
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6 Songs About First Times | Daisy Chain Oddities


We’re excited to be bringing you another reader-submitted Music Monday post today! Kat over at Daisy Chain Oddities sent us this awesome playlist, which features songs that she associates with some of her “first times.” From buying CD’s to school trips and celebrity crushes, these events are probably things we all can relate to. Do you associate any of these quintessential 90’s songs with your first times? As for me, I remember driving around in my first car singing What’s Up and all sorts of Backstreet Boys songs with my friends. (And listening to her playlist made me curious: whatever did happen to 4 Non Blondes?) Continue reading “6 Songs About First Times | Daisy Chain Oddities”

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It’s Not Going to Be Today | Sangbad


This week’s Music Monday reader submission comes from Sangbad over at Thoughts of Words. He’s a prolific poet and storyteller, and he crafted a lovely poem that he shared on his site on Valentine’s Day.  In his post, Sangbad describes his creation:

“When it comes to writing a story we follow the dialogue and scene format…there are many forms of a story like a flashback, epistolary, etc…but, they adhere to the defined format of dialogue and scene…why not write a story where there’ll be scene and songs…why not write a story in poem (written by self) and songs (listen to or written self)…

It’s Not Going To Be Today had been written when this idea struck me a few days before Valentine’s Day…the poems are written by me while the songs are the songs I listen to (few of them are my favorite)…hope you’ll enjoy this my approach telling a love story…”

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