Everyday Nostalgia

A 52-Week Journey Celebrating the Past to Create Better Days Today


Everyday Nostalgia chronicles Corey’s efforts to utilize everyday nostalgic living to help build a simpler, happier, and more fulfilling life for herself and her daughter, Zoey. As you follow Corey’s journey to create nostalgic-to-be memories today, you’ll receive all sorts of ideas, tools, and guidance to help you use nostalgia to create a better life for yourself and your family, today and into the future. (And in case you didn’t know, research has shown that nostalgia can provide many awesome positive benefits to your life. Corey will explore the science of nostalgia in her posts as well).

We hope you’ll join Corey on her journey! This page will be updated every Sunday so you don’t miss a post (or if you just joined us, you can start from the beginning!)

Week 1: New Beginnings
Week 2: In With the Old
Week 3: Find Your Must
Week 4: Choose Joy
Week 5: Create a Warm, Happy Home
Week 6: Spread Warmth
Week 7: Cook Up Some Comfort Food
Week 8: Hygge Around the Hearth
Week 9: How to Bring Hope Back Into Your Life
Week 10: Hope is Here
Week 11: Hope for the Future
Week 12: Finding Home
Week 13: You Are Enough
Week 14: Make Peace With Where You Are
Week 15: The Gift of a New Life
Week 16: In Search of Spare Moments
Week 17: The Empty Seat
Week 18: 7 Simple Ways to Fill Your Life With Wonder
Week 19: Mom’s Lessons for Mother’s Day
Week 20: The Case for Staying Curious
Week 21: On the Road of Life, Let There Be No Regrets
Week 22: The Power of Sunshine
Week 23: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow
Week 24: Sunshine on My Shoulders: A Father’s Day Story