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Week 16: In Search of Spare Moments | Everyday Nostalgia



I need an extra hour in my day. Maybe two. Actually, maybe 24. Imagine what I could do with a whole extra day….

These are the things I am thinking as I step out of the grocery store and into the late afternoon sunlight. Between staying on top of the happenings at my daughter’s school, the constant demands of work, and the general business of life, it feels like I don’t have any moments to spare. Manifesting time seems like the only solution even though I know it’s completely out of the question.

I slip on my sunglasses as I head toward my car. Ahead of me, an older gentleman makes his way across the parking lot. Since I’m hurrying and he is walking much slower than I am, it doesn’t take long before I find myself beside him.

“Are those high heels I hear?” he asks. He stops walking and turns his head down toward the sound. Continue reading “Week 16: In Search of Spare Moments | Everyday Nostalgia”

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Week 15: The Gift of a New Life | Everyday Nostalgia


The other morning I woke up coughing, a sharp pain in my right side taking my breath away. Although the cold came and went over a month before, a lingering cough had resulted in what felt like a cracked rib. Crazy I know, but for a brief moment, before I got my bearings, I didn’t know where I was. The combination of pain and disorientation left me a tad bit unsettled.

But it only took a few seconds for me to realize I was right where I was supposed to be: in my bed, in my home, waking up to another Monday morning and to a new week. As the pain in my rib eased, I settled back in bed, remembering the last time I’d woken up disoriented and in pain. Continue reading “Week 15: The Gift of a New Life | Everyday Nostalgia”

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Week 14: Make Peace With Where You Are | Everyday Nostalgia


In a few days, I will have lived in my new place for a year. Some days, it feels like it’s only been a few months. But as I looked at my dusty baseboards the other day, it definitely looked like I’d lived there much longer than a year… a lot longer. So last week, I decided to do some much needed spring cleaning. I started with the bathrooms, scouring the tub and installing a new shower liner. Then I tackled those dusty baseboards, and when those were done, it was window time. 

I started with my daughter Zoey’s windows—I even saw marks from her snow day wishing that I had somehow missed—and moved on to the living room. I pulled up the blinds, and because it was such a beautiful day, the outdoor light quickly filled the space around me.

The bright sunshine forced me to close my eyes, and for some reason, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. But the nostalgia wasn’t for something I’d once had, it was for something I’d once dreamed about. Continue reading “Week 14: Make Peace With Where You Are | Everyday Nostalgia”

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Week 13: You Are Enough | Everyday Nostalgia


“Mommy, we say the word ‘love’ a lot, don’t we?”

My daughter Zoey is sitting on her bed, swinging her little legs back and forth, watching me as I unpack our suitcase from our trip to visit my parents.

I smile as I start to divide our clothes into two piles. “Yes. You and I, we love a lot of things,” I say.

“Can we talk while you do that?” she asks.

“Sure, what do you want to talk about?”

Zoey’s eyes light up, happy I’m willing to play as I tackle the overflowing suitcase. “Let’s talk about all the things we love.” Continue reading “Week 13: You Are Enough | Everyday Nostalgia”

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A Love Affair with Books


Earlier this week, when I was back in Ohio visiting my parents, I was reminded of where my love of reading was born. No matter where you look in their house, you’re bound to see a book. They are in built-in bookcases and free-standing ones. They are sitting on top of desks and nestled in baskets and perched precariously in stacks on top of chairs. Downstairs are the novels my parents cherish and upstairs are the ones I adored from my childhood that my mom has so lovingly saved. I loved growing up in an environment like this, where a dazzling array of miniature worlds existed within the four walls of where I lived.

When I moved into my new place last year, one of the first things I purchased was a set of bookshelves for my living room, which now proudly display the books that I’ve collected over the years. I have a considerably smaller amount than my parents (they probably have upward of 1,000) but it’s a collection nonetheless. Although some find the purchase of books frivolous, being surrounded by them brings me an immense amount of joy—when I peruse a bookstore or walk around a library or run my hands across my own collection, I swear I get the same feelings I do when I am hugged by someone I loved. Continue reading “A Love Affair with Books”