Remember Reminder #15: It’s Okay to Be Vulnerable

Remember Reminder: It's Okay to Be Vulnerable | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

It’s late Sunday morning, and my daughter Zoey and I are dropping my father off at the airport. We have been lucky enough to enjoy two weekends with him this past month, so we feel downright spoiled, but our fun has come to and end: it’s finally time for him to head back home.

Zoey hops out of the car and steps into my dad’s arms. When he picks her up, Zoey’s arms and legs wrap around him so easily and so quickly, it’s almost as if this hug of hers is a muscle memory, the childhood equivalent of riding a bike or typing on a keyboard.

I stand next to the car watching Zoey, at her tiny head nestled gently against his shoulder. She looks at me, her face almost expressionless, and then she leans back and gives him a tiny kiss.  After they exchange I love you’s, he sets Zoey down and gives me a hug. We stand shoulder to shoulder, and as we watch Zoey climb back into the car, my dad puts his arm around me, gives me a little squeeze, and says, “You’re doing just fine.” The slight nod of my head agrees with him. Continue reading “Remember Reminder #15: It’s Okay to Be Vulnerable”

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17 Nostalgic Signs of Summer

17 Nostalgic Signs of Summer | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

There you are at the pool or beach, lounging in your swimsuit, sipping a cold drink (preferably with a little umbrella in it, right?), and then you feel it: a small bead of sweat trickling down your back. You’re hot, but you don’t care, because guess what? The sun feels good, and a cool dip of water—that blissful sweet relief—is just a few feet away. Ah, summer, how we love you…

Summer is a season where all of your senses have a fun time coming out to play. Last week we had fun taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane with our favorite 7 Simple Nostalgic Sounds of Summer, and for this week’s Throwback Thursday post, we’ve rounded up 17 Nostalgic Signs of Summer—the things that emerge in all their glory during this happy season of sun. And for some added fun, we’re sharing an interesting fact about each of them in case you need a good ice-breaker at your next summer BBQ or get-together (Just make sure to use them sparingly—you don’t want to be that guy). Continue reading “17 Nostalgic Signs of Summer”

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Reliving My Teenage Years Through Music | Yolanda @ Inspire and Wander

Reliving My Teenage Years Through Music | Inspire and Wander | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

For a lot of us, our teenage years are some of our most formative. They are the years where we really start growing into ourselves—we begin to develop our own tastes, discover the things we really love, and make special memories that end up lasting a lifetime. And although some of the memories we make during those years are better than others (because let’s face it, these years often are some of our most awkward, too), no matter our experiences, we all seem to have fond ones of the music that carried us through them. Yolanda from Inspire and Wander brings us our Music Monday post today, where she relives her own teenage days through the music she loved during those years, music that she shares with her own teenage son today. Enjoy!
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Week 28: As Precious as Blood: A Story of Friendship | Everyday Nostalgia


She leans over me, carefully painting a crimson stain across my 4-year-old mouth. Her face is mere inches from mine, and although I cannot see her own mouth, I know she is smiling: the corner of her eye is crinkled and a river of small wrinkles cascades down her cheek. Her hand tilts my chin up a little higher, and I purse my lips tightly together so she can complete my request.

“There you go,” she says, placing the lid back on the lipstick.  “Now, go kiss ol’ Jim-Bo on the cheek. Right here.” With her slightly crooked finger, she lightly taps my left cheekbone, a gentle reminder of where I should deliver the peck.

I hop off the counter and peek around the edge of the bathroom door. From where I stand, I can see him reading the newspaper as he sits in his favorite chair, his glasses perched precariously on the edge of his nose.
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Remember Reminder #14: Try Not to Worry So Much

Remember Reminder #14: Try Not to Worry So Much | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog
#ememberreminder: Try Not to Worry So Much

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a worrier. 

When I was younger, I worried about getting good grades even though I studied hard. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to make new friends every time we moved. I worried that no matter how hard I tried at anything, I wouldn’t be good enough. I worried that my stuffed animals might come alive at night (silly, I know, but there was this one creepy bear…). 

Becoming an adult and then a parent have really taken those worrying skills up a notch: I worry about money, my career, making ends meet, being able to provide for me and my daughter, Zoey… I worry about my friends, my family, my loved ones… I worry about my future and my happiness… I worry about Zoey’s happiness, her future, her… well, everything. Continue reading “Remember Reminder #14: Try Not to Worry So Much”