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15 Hygge-Inspired Songs Sure to Warm You Up


After yesterday’s Everyday Nostalgia blog post about hygge over here at the Nostalgia Diaries, we thought it would only be fitting if we followed up with a hygge-inspired Music Monday playlist.

After all, given our love of music, we think curling up and listening to good music has the ability to create some of the same warm, fuzzy feelings that hygge is known for.

We’ll admit it: There are so many songs that give us the feels that it was hard to pare down our choices to a manageable list. But ultimately, our final selections were driven by the nostalgic intimacy these songs evoke and how they sound like they could be played on a record player that’s sitting in the corner of your living room as you join together with family and friends–or even enjoy some quiet time to yourself–connecting and talking and slowing down (preferably with lots of candles and a roaring fireplace). Continue reading “15 Hygge-Inspired Songs Sure to Warm You Up”

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Week 8: Hygge Around the Hearth | Everyday Nostalgia


A curious series of events happened as I began to research my final February post on warmth and nostalgia. I had decided it was going to be all about the quest for coziness that we seek within white-hot flames, particularly those of the candles we light and the fireplaces we tend to gather around during cold, winter months.

After writing about how to create a warm, happy home a few weeks back, a reader commented on the post and asked if I’d ever heard of hygge because she thought I might enjoy it. Not only did I not know what it was, I had no idea how to pronounce the word she’d just written. Did it rhyme with jiggy?  Gettin’ hygge wit it?

So resorted to the powers of Google to further fuel my curiosity, and I was stunned to see the hundreds of hygge pages that came up in my search results. And what I found is that apparently for the last year I’ve been living under a rock (hey, I had a lot of stuff going on). A Danish word for a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday moments more meaningful, beautiful or special, hygge (pronounced hoo-gah – duh) had apparently taken the world by storm in 2016. Continue reading “Week 8: Hygge Around the Hearth | Everyday Nostalgia”

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Make Some Memories Today



At the Nostalgia Diaries, our goal is to help you simplify, enhance, and engage your lives by focusing on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming. It’s all about celebrating the past to create better days today.

We’d love for you to join us in this journey.

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Remember the Simple Choices of Childhood


Close your eyes and take a nostalgic little trip on this Throwback Thursday… It’s time to reminisce about your childhood days, when the hardest decisions involved the simplest things…

Cheerios or Rice Krispies…

 Red-Orange or Orange-Red…

Asteroids or Centipede…

Markers or colored pencils… 

Swings or monkey bars…

Red Rover or Red Light, Green Light…

Reading or playing outside…

Remember how, no matter what you picked, the days were still happy? Continue reading “Remember the Simple Choices of Childhood”

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3 Songs that Make Me Relive My Teenage Years | The Domestic Musician


We are so excited to bring you our first reader-submitted nostalgic playlist! This week’s submission is from Jessica over at The Domestic Musician. We’ve connected through the wonder of the world wide web, and the minute we stumbled upon this post of hers, we knew we’d met a kindred spirit!

As a music teacher, Jessica loves music, and although she had a plethora of nostalgic songs to pick from, she decided to choose 3 songs that make her relive her teenage years. These songs take us back, too! How about you?
Continue reading “3 Songs that Make Me Relive My Teenage Years | The Domestic Musician”