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Sounds Old to Me: 19 More New Songs with a Vintage, Throwback Vibe


Earlier this year, we shared with you a list of songs that sounded vintage, old, and retro—in spite of the fact that they were made only within the last few years. (Missed it? Check out Music Monday: 19 New Songs That Sound Vintage! AND BONUS! You can also check out our list of 21 New Songs That  Totally Sound Like They’re From the 1980’s!) 

Before we even published that blog post, we had to admit it was one of our favorite Music Monday posts yet, because there’s just something about listening to a recently released song that just feels like it was crafted in a different era, don’t you think? Most of those songs, even within the first few notes, transported us back to yesteryear, proving that music truly can transcend time and place.

As it turns out, that post has become the most popular Music Monday post on the blog and frequently receives almost as much traffic as Corey’s Everyday Nostalgia series. (Another amazing testament to the power of good music—oh, and the magic of good search engine optimization. But we digress…)

Given its popularity, we started doing more research and realized those 19 songs we featured before were just the tip of the iceberg when it came to songs that felt like they came from a different time. So without further ado, the Nostalgia Diaries’ second round of old songs that sound new, 19 New Songs with a Vintage, Throwback Vibe.

1) May I Have This Dance – Francis & the Lights (2016)

This song could easily be on Peter Gabriel’s 1986 soul and African-beat infused So album.

2) Science Fiction – Christine and The Queens (2016)

Think a French woman can’t sing a song that kinda sounds reminiscent of Michael Jackson singing Billy Jean? Think again.

3) Uptight Downtown – La Roux (2014)

If we didn’t know any better, we would think is was a Duran Duran song.

4) Childish Gambino – Redbone (2016)

Prince, anyone? We also hear a little TLC and Macy Gray… (Oh, and fun fact, the brains behind Redbone is Donald Glover, the actor from the television hits Community and Atlanta and the most recent Spiderman movie.)

5) Mushrooms & Roses – Janelle Monae (2010)

We dare you not to think of The Beatles’ White Album while listening to this song.

6) Let the Good Times Roll – JD McPherson (2015)

There are nuances of Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, and Little Richard in this awesome song that just makes you want to tap your feet.

7) The Automobile Song – Charlie Thompson (2015)

Even though he sounds like a country singer from the ’40s and ’50s (think Webb Pierce, Hank Williams, Sr., and Dave Rich), Charlie Thompson is actually a, as he calls it, rockabilly, hillbilly, honky-tonk Brit. Yup, that’s right. He’s from the U.K. Minds blown.

8) Make This Leap – The Hunts (2014)

This group, consisting of 7 siblings from Virginia, sounds slightly reminiscent of one of the most famous ’60s bands, The Mamas & the Papas.

9) Want You Back – HAIM (2017)

We featured them before, but dang, are these girls good. This upbeat track has got some serious ’80s-influenced bass grooves going on. (Oh, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that the bass line in the beginning of this song evokes some serious nostalgia for one of our favorite ’90s songs, Donna Lewis’ I Love You Always Forever. Give it a listen and you’ll totally be able to feel the similarities in these songs. So between that and the awesome ’80s vibe, it’s no wonder we like this song so much.)

10) Blue Collar Jane – The Strypes (2016)

They look like The Beatles and sound like The Stones.

11) A Night Like This – Caro Emerald (2009)

Caro Emerald rocks a ’50s vibe in this awesome song that evokes images of cigars and smoky, dim-lit cocktail bars.

12) Shelter Song – Temples (2012)

Another group that sounds like a reincarnated version of The Beatles.

13) Don’t Let It Go – L.E.O. (2006)

It’s no surprise L.E.O sounds like E.L.O. After all, L.E.O. is an Electric Light Orchestra tribute band

14) What Kind of Fool – Pride of Lions (2004)

In case you need a Journey fix…

15) San Francisco – Foxygen (2013)

Wait… is that the Kinks?

16) Colorful Revoluion – The Redwalls (2003)

We hear Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones in this one. How about you?

17) Take a Vacation – The Young Veins (2010)

A Beach Boys/Beatles mashup…

18) MoneyGrabber – Fitz and the Tantrums (2010)

Though we love Handclap, this early Fitz and the Tantrums song definitely sounds like a Motown classic.

19) On My Way – Lew Phillips (2014)

Rockabilly and early rock and roll influences are reflected in this ’60s-sounding tune.

Let Us Know: What are some of your favorite new songs that sound like they could be from another time?

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25 thoughts on “Sounds Old to Me: 19 More New Songs with a Vintage, Throwback Vibe

  1. I love this list! I’m always interested to branch out and hear new (to me) artists and their work. I’m new to your blog and will definitely follow for future Music Mondays!

  2. I love everything about this list! Some of these I have definitely heard of, but others I have not and I’m excited to check them out. I love songs with an old school vibe to them!

  3. I can’t believe I have never heard these! It seems like all I listen to anymore though is from the Moana Sountrack!

  4. I love this list. I love learning about different music and artists. I will save this post to listen to them all at a later time. I was only able to get through a few and loved it. xxoo

  5. I’m so glad I ran across this list! To be honest I can’t stand today’s music and I always go back to classic rock & blues. Also forever searching for this type of vintage-sounding tunes – Lana Del Rey owns those retro vibes and I’m such a fan! Thanks for sharing this awesome list, I already added Temples, Lew Phillips, Pride of Lions and The Strypes to my playlist <3

  6. I LOVE that Childish Gambino song. The first time I heard it was driving home in a snowstorm last winter and it just made the ride so much more bearable – great vibe.

  7. Love these list of music, it’s nice to listen to the music with meaning and doesn’t hurt your ears.

  8. Great list! I really enjoy ‘Young and Beautiful’ by Lana Del Ray. I don’t know if that qualifies as sounding super ‘old’, and maybe it is just because it is from the movie The Great Gatsby, but when I think of it I think nostalgically!

  9. if any of you guys are looking for 60s vibe songs i would recommend Fur- what would i do and Wallows spring album

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