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6 Songs About First Times | Daisy Chain Oddities


We’re excited to be bringing you another reader-submitted Music Monday post today! Kat over at Daisy Chain Oddities sent us this awesome playlist, which features songs that she associates with some of her “first times.” From buying CD’s to school trips and celebrity crushes, these events are probably things we all can relate to. Do you associate any of these quintessential 90’s songs with your first times? As for me, I remember driving around in my first car singing What’s Up and all sorts of Backstreet Boys songs with my friends. (And listening to her playlist made me curious: whatever did happen to 4 Non Blondes?) Continue reading “6 Songs About First Times | Daisy Chain Oddities”

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An Ode to St. Patrick: 10 Singers Whose Names Start with Pat


Ah, St. Patrick’s Day… the day to wear green (and to pinch those that don’t), the day to drink a few pints (most likely in a pub like the one shown above), and the day to celebrate all things Irish.

Since this week holds this much-loved holiday, we thought it would only be appropriate if our Music Monday post was an ode to St. Patrick himself. And what better way to do that then to share a playlist of 10 Singers Whose Names Start with Pat. We’re not sure if any of them are Irish, but then again, St. Patrick himself wasn’t Irish either. (Who knew?)

So as much as we love a good Irish jig, we thought this would be a fun, non-traditional selection of songs sure to start your St. Patrick’s Day week off right. By the way, we wrap up this playlist with a song so catchy, you’re sure to still be singing it by the time St. Patty’s Day rolls around on Friday. Take a listen, you’ll see what we mean. Continue reading “An Ode to St. Patrick: 10 Singers Whose Names Start with Pat”

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What Do I Know?


The other day I received a sweet text message from a friend:

“This song reminded me of you and your blog. So happy and great!”

The song? One of Ed Sheeran’s newest releases, What Do I Know?

I’ve been a huge fan of Ed’s music for years, so I excitedly clicked that YouTube link. And, just like my friend said, the song is great.  It’s happy.

And yes. It reminds me of my blog, too.

This super-catchy tune embodies so many of the things that the Nostalgia Diaries is all about: happiness, love, positive vibes—and of course—good music.

All the lyrics are fantastic, but these in particular spoke to me:

I’ll paint the picture, let me set the scene
I know when I have children they will know what it means
And I’ll pass on these things my family’s given to me
Just love and understanding, positivity 

So what do I know? I know that, just when I think I can’t love his music more, Ed Sheeran keeps releasing awesome gems like this one, and I fall in love a little bit more. (I have a feeling that’s part of Ed’s master plan…)

So since we love passing things down here on the blog, we decided to pass this song on to you today. We think it’s the perfect way to kick off the weekend. Hope it’s filled with happiness, love, positive vibes, and good music!


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We’d love for you to join us in this journey.

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15 Hygge-Inspired Songs Sure to Warm You Up


After yesterday’s Everyday Nostalgia blog post about hygge over here at the Nostalgia Diaries, we thought it would only be fitting if we followed up with a hygge-inspired Music Monday playlist.

After all, given our love of music, we think curling up and listening to good music has the ability to create some of the same warm, fuzzy feelings that hygge is known for.

We’ll admit it: There are so many songs that give us the feels that it was hard to pare down our choices to a manageable list. But ultimately, our final selections were driven by the nostalgic intimacy these songs evoke and how they sound like they could be played on a record player that’s sitting in the corner of your living room as you join together with family and friends–or even enjoy some quiet time to yourself–connecting and talking and slowing down (preferably with lots of candles and a roaring fireplace). Continue reading “15 Hygge-Inspired Songs Sure to Warm You Up”

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Sunshine & Summertime: 17 Songs to Ease Your Winter Woes


In yesterday’s Everyday Nostalgia post, we offered up ways to create a home filled with warmth. One suggestion: surround yourself with those things that give you comfort. In our nostalgic little world here at The Nostalgia Diaries, listening to music is one of those soul-affirming experiences that provides happiness, comfort, calm, and warmth. And this is especially true when we find ourselves searching out music that creates visions of sun, surf, sand, and summer in the midst of these cold, angry February days.

So find a sunny spot in your home, pour yourself a hot cup of tea, or coffee, or cocoa (or if you want to pretend you are on the beach, break out a Corona), and settle in with these 17 tunes that will surely help ease your winter woes. Continue reading “Sunshine & Summertime: 17 Songs to Ease Your Winter Woes”