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My 1990’s Soundtrack | Denis Storey


We’re excited to have guest blogger Denis Storey with us at The Nostalgia Diaries for our Music Monday post today. His story shows us how the music that defines the places and cultures in which we grow up can leave such lasting impressions on our musical tastes. I personally know all about how this works: when I was a young teenager living in Nashville, I became immersed in the world of country music and instantly fell in love with it—and I’ve been a fan ever since. Continue reading “My 1990’s Soundtrack | Denis Storey”

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Week 34: Underneath the Same Big Sky | Everyday Nostalgia

Week 34: Underneath the Same Big Sky | Everyday Nostalgia | A story about loneliness and connections we find in the universe.

I’m standing in front of my mailbox, mindlessly sifting through my Monday mail. Between the grocery store flyers, a postcard reminding me to purchase new tires in preparation for winter weather, and a parking ticket addressed to my apartment’s previous tenant, I’m unimpressed with the day’s delivery.

I’m not paying attention to my surroundings, and as I shut the small metal door of my mailbox, I’m startled to find a man standing next to me. Though I know him—he lives across the small courtyard that separates our apartments—his appearance surprises me and causes the contents of my hands to quickly scatter to the floor below us.
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5 Songs That Helped Make Me the Woman I Am Today | Megan Smidt


We all have those songs. You know the ones: They’re the songs of our past, the ones that we discovered or listened to during pivotal times in our lives—the so-called turning points—that became so much a part of us that their words somehow became our own. They are the ones that played a part in shaping us into who we are today. They are the ones that we hear now that immediately transport us back to those days where we were evolving, where we were becoming, where we were discovering the parts of ourselves that just couldn’t wait to come alive. (Fun fact: Closer to Fine is one of mine.)

Our friend Megan Smidt knows all about this phenomenon, and she’s with us here today at The Nostalgia Diaries sharing her own Music Monday playlist, 5 Songs That Helped Make Me the Woman I Am Today. Continue reading “5 Songs That Helped Make Me the Woman I Am Today | Megan Smidt”

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Week 33: The Preservation & Protection of Beauty | Everyday Nostalgia


It’s morning, and I’m walking down our long upstairs hallway toward my brother’s bedroom. Just moments before, Kurt had woken me up, telling me I needed to come look at something. I hadn’t wanted to get out of bed, but he’d insisted. So here I am, eight years old, following my brother down the hall while I’m still half asleep, wondering what on earth warrants this type of urgency so early in the day. His door is closed, but when we reach it, Kurt turns back toward me instead of going in.

“Ready?” he asks.

“Ready for what?” I whisper impatiently.

“For this.” Kurt places his hand on the knob and gently pushes the door open. Continue reading “Week 33: The Preservation & Protection of Beauty | Everyday Nostalgia”


Remember Reminder #17: Take A Vacation


Hello friends!  Today is my last “takeover” guest post for the week. Corey is back from her vacation and she will be back in blogging action on Sunday with her next fabulous Everyday Nostalgia post. I’ve had a great time this week sharing my favorite nostalgic television theme songs on Music Monday and my nostalgic trip to Disneyland on yesterday’s Throwback Thursday post. Thanks for all your great comments and feedback on the website, Facebook, and Instagram! I’m happy that I was able to connect with all you great Nostalgia Seekers!

Speaking of vacations, today’s Remember Reminder is a simple, yet difficult thing to remember, and sometimes a ridiculously difficult thing to execute, particularly in America:

#rememberreminder: Take A Vacation!

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