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Please Pass the Salt-N-Pepa: 14 Food Bands To Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner


It’s almost Thanksgiving, and perhaps you are scrambling for ideas to feed the hungry mob that will be descending on your home. Turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes are the traditional options of course, but what if you were wanting something a bit more…daring? Something a bit more…eclectic?

Look no further.

We’ve assembled a smörgåsbord of savory sounds to inspire your Thanksgiving menu courtesy of bands whose members must have been hungry when they were deciding what to call themselves. We’ve left off a few—you’d be surprised how many there are—but we just didn’t have room on the table for the Meat Puppets or The Electric Prunes.

So pull up a seat at the adult table (or the kid’s table if you’ve never grown up), and dig in to this list of 14 easily digestible and fabulous food bands that are sure to inspire a tantalizing Turkey Day dinner! Click on the band names to sample their tasty sounds!


Although it’s perhaps the least digestible band on the list, their song Word Up! is a catchy little tune and it’s no wonder—it’s a remake of the 1986 funky hit by Cameo.

The Cranberries

The Cranberries are a full-flavored act that will linger on your taste buds for a long time.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

This band has been hot on the charts for years and the video for their song Dani California is a clever homage to some great bands and singers like the Beatles, Elvis, and Prince. A veritable smörgåsbord of musical delights in-and-of itself!


Not enough flavor in your musical medleys? Add a dash of Salt-N-Pepa and your mouth will spring to life with deliciousness!


What can be said about Meatloaf that hasn’t already been said? Soaring vocals and frilly shirts are always a welcome addition to any celebration. Meatloaf is sure to provide a level of comfort on your Thanksgiving Day that not many food groups can compete with. Meatloaf will leave you warm, full, and happy.

record-place-settingT-Bone Walker

Like Meatloaf, a classic T-Bone steak will leave you feeling happy. So will T-Bone Walker. He’s legendary. After you serve up Call Me Stormy Monday, you might just be too full to listen to anything else.

The Black Eyed Peas

Some people believe eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day will bring prosperity in the new year. Maybe start a new tradition this year and have The Black Eyed Peas for Thanksgiving! This song is as relevant today as it was 14 years ago. Where is the Love? It starts with your grateful heart. Make this your main course.


Time for dessert! Guitars and trumpets. A tasty combination. They make it look…like a piece of cake.


A classic, scrumptious guitar riff pours in at the beginning of Cream’s Sunshine of Your Love song. Find ways to add Cream into your Thanksgiving Dinner. You’ll be happier for it.

Peaches & Herb

Peaches may not always be in season, but if you can reunite them with herbs, you get…well, peachy herbs. Peachy Herb stuffing. That actually sounds interesting…

Bowling for Soup

Go ahead and slurp this one up! Bowling for Soup hit it big with their nostalgia-driven song, 1985, which contains delightful bite-size references to 80’s pop culture—Duran Duran, mini skirts, St. Elmo’s Fire, Madonna. It also has a sneaky reference to another food band: Limp Bizkit. Okay, we know. It’s not Biscuit. But it’s close enough.


A YouTube user commented on the Lambchop video, calling them “Good ear food.” They certainly have a grade-A sound. If there are any leftovers, they will be gone tomorrow.


Time to carb-load! One of our favorite tunes. If this band, and this song, doesn’t make your Thanksgiving dinner better, then nothing will.

April Wine

Pour some April Wine and raise a glass to world peace! Or whirled peas… This year may have had some ups and downs, but Thanksgiving will always be a time for giving thanks for all that is great and good in this world—especially music!

So this week, we’ll sit down at our tables, count our many blessings, and drink up the fresh melodies of our favorite bands. We hope you do too!

* * *

Let us know: Did we miss any of your favorite food groups? Let us know in the comments below and tell us how you will be spending your Thanksgiving and what wonderful dishes you will be serving up!

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20 thoughts on “Please Pass the Salt-N-Pepa: 14 Food Bands To Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Such a delightful post…I look forward to reading/following…
    As for additional bands, the following spring (roll) to mind, but I don’t have your flare for coming up with spontaneous, clever tie-ins…
    Strawberry Alarm Clock (“Incense and Peppermints”); Hot Chocolate (“You Sexy Thing”); The Smashing Pumpkins; Uncle Kracker (I only recall the name, I’m unfamiliar with the music); The Spice Girls..
    By the way, I love April Wine (the band, that is… 🙂 )
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane…I will be sure to be back! 🙂

  2. Great post. I would love to listen to the music of all the bands that you have listed. I will be spending Thanksgiving at my mom’s house surround by the people I love the most, my family
    Green bean casserole is on the menu, I love the stuff, but usually have it only around Thanksgiving time. I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. This post made me happy I so many levels! I had forgotten about some of the bands you listed. Now, you’re going to have me dragging out the old CD. Yes, I free held on to some of my CD collection even I this digital download era – 😅😅

  4. Ha! I love this so much. I am actually a huge fan of the cranberries – been to at least 4 of their concerts back in the day and I love eating them, cooking them and baking with them!

  5. Oh my gosh! this is amazing! I am putting together a spotify playlist based on this awesomeness!!!

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