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It’s All Relative: 14 Bands Whose Members are Related


This Music Monday on The Nostalgia Diaries marks the start of Thanksgiving week. Nothing beats a few extra days off work, a tryptophan-laced dinner, and a time to gather family around the table to give thanks. And speaking of gathering family . . . invite these families into your home this Thanksgiving and take a nostalgic trip(tophan) back to the past. You’ll be glad you did.

Jackson 5

The most famous family band ever.

Bee Gees

The Bee Gees are among the world’s best selling groups, selling more than 220 million records.

The Cowsills

The Partridge Family is loosely based on the Cowsills.


Super-talented brothers. And they had pretty hair.

The Carpenters

No voice like Karen Carpenter. None. The voice of an angel.


They’re like the 80’s version of Hanson. Minus a brother. But with the same awesome hair.

Jonas Brothers

This song and video has an awesome nostalgic vibe.

Pointer Sisters

This song makes me feel so excited. (Okay, so they had a band backing them up with people who were not related, but who cares?) This song will make you want to dance. So get down on it.

Sister Sledge

No list of family bands would be complete without Sister Sledge and their funky anthem to the power of sisterhood.


Quintessential 80’s.

The Osmonds

Couldn’t help it. A little early Christmas with the Osmonds.

The Andrews Sisters

Patty, Maxene, and LaVerne. According to their website: “In the 1940s the sisters found themselves in high demand, and became the most profitable stage attraction in the entire nation, earning $20,000 a week.”

The Corrs

The music of this Irish family band from the 90’s is pure draíocht. In case you didn’t know, that’s Irish for magic. So, hey, tell whoever cooked your Thanksgiving meal that it was draíocht and you’ll be sure to secure a second-helping. After you tell them what that means, of course.

Kings of Leon

3 Brothers + 1 Cousin = 1 Fabulous Family Band from Nashville.

* * *

While there are a lot of bands that have some siblings among them (Van Halen to name just one), the challenge is to find bands whose members are all related . . . Did we miss any of your favorite “all in the family” bands?






5 thoughts on “It’s All Relative: 14 Bands Whose Members are Related

  1. I can think of lots of bands with siblings, but not where all members are related-Van Halen as you mentioned, Oasis, and the Scottish band Runrig. Speaking of the Scots though, its probably technically true to say The Proclaimers could count here as the two brothers are the band, but are supported by other musicians. Fun post!

  2. I’m so glad you found me on Community Pool Corey – it gave me the opportunity to discover your very cool blog! Love this post. I have a somewhat nostalgic music site as well.

  3. This is just such a fantastic blog!!!! I love it. Also, I forgot about The Corrs…they are great. The BeeGees are one of my all-time favourites…even more than the Jackson 5. I loved Michael Jackson’s early solo stuff, however (starting with the album, “Off The Wall”).
    As for related bands, there’s a Canadian band from Eastern Canada…The Rankins…they were very popular back in the day–and, I’m guessing they still have a following. Thanks for brightening my day. 🙂

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