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#tbt: Looking Up

Sky With Clouds Stock Photos

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Look up. Right there.See that photo of the clouds?  Better yet, go outside (you lucky dog, you), and actually look up. At the sky.

The real one.

Heck, while you are out there, get down there on the grass.  Lay back. Relax. Breathe.


There you go.

Or, maybe since we are moving on into mid-November . . .


And now look at those clouds . . .


What do you see?  An alligator? A clown? That dog from Nightmare Before Christmas?

Remember: you can see whatever you want to see. (Because not everyone sees clouds the same way, and that’s just fine.)

So . . . now.  What do you see?

* * *

Do you remember the simple wonders of childhood?  The cool, soft grass against your shoulders as you lay with your face toward the sun . . . The way the light streaked across your eyes and made you blink . . . How those cotton candy clouds continually morphed into something more fantastic with each passing moment . . . How you wished they would sometimes freeze in place so you could enjoy your mind’s creation just for a moment longer, but hoping something new and wonderful would appear next . . .

* * *

The presidential election confirmed for us once again that adulting is hard. We ask ourselves what is in store for our future? How can we keep looking up? How can we continue hoping? How can we be . . .

. . . happier?

Memories that conjure up those childhood feelings of wonder and excitement and hope and unapologetic relaxation serve as a reminder that no matter the craziness of our days, our lives, our world, there’s always time to take a moment. To open your eyes. To look up, feel the sun on your face, and appreciate the wonder and beauty of this world.

Be mindful.  Be present.  Be grateful.

It’s what you did as a kid.  Why not now?







16 thoughts on “#tbt: Looking Up

    1. We’re so glad you like the post! We think one of the best ways to help nostalgia make your life better today is to live your life the way you did as a child. And what better way to start by using our imaginations and remembering how great it was to approach every day with wonder and awe 🙂 Thanks for your comment. Make today happy!

  1. Beautifully written post! Great point…I haven’t done this in a while! I can’t wait to do it with my son!

  2. I love looking up at the clouds! I wrote a post on my site about my daughter and I making cloud binoculars. She loves to watch them out the window. I can’t wait until the warmer weather so we can go outside and lay in the grass to watch them!

  3. I love this. I am constantly seeking that balance of living in the present and doing ‘all of the things.’

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