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11 Nostalgia-Driven Songs | Country

11 Nostalgia-Driven Songs | Country | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog

Okay, fellow Nostalgia Seekers, when I say country music, what’s the first thing you think about?  Slide guitars and fiddles? Banjos? Hee-Haw? Honky-Tonks? The Grand Ole Opry? Do you avoid country music because you remember your parents listening to what you always thought were “twangy” country tunes? Does it remind you of long, hot road trips where the only thing you could find on the radio was a static-filled AM country station that your dad would leave on for hundreds of miles, when all you really wanted to do was sleep?

Certainly many of you may love those old country songs and artists. Patsy Cline. Charlie Pride. Dolly Parton. Hank Williams. Roy Clark. Glen Campbell. All left their mark on the  genre. But if you profess not to be a country fan, don’t judge the whole “country” genre by those older artists and their “twangy” sounds. Because if you avoid listening to all country music because you’re not a fan of Willie Nelson or George Strait, you are missing out on some of the most melodic, nostalgic, hit-you-right-in-the-feels music being recorded today. Continue reading “11 Nostalgia-Driven Songs | Country”