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15 Unassuming Love Songs that Deserve a Second Look


As we near Valentine’s Day, we are reminded that love is all around. But remember, you can’t hurry love. Because love takes time.  And when a man loves a woman, one question always comes up: “How deep is your love?” Hopefully, the answer is not, “what’s love got to do with it?

Most people can’t help falling in love. That’s because love is a many splendored thing. So remember, if you want my love, you’ve got it. ‘Cause this crazy little thing called love? Well, this love will keep us together

On this Music Monday, it would be easy to cobble together a list of celebrated love songs to stir your nostalgic hearts for Valentine Tuesday…but we’re not going to do that. Continue reading “15 Unassuming Love Songs that Deserve a Second Look”

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Love is…


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d take you on a nostalgic little trip back to the 1960’s, when New Zealand cartoonist Kim Casali developed her famous comic strip, Love is… The cartoons originated from a series of love notes that she had drawn for her future husband, Roberto Casali. After first being published in booklets, they started appearing in strip form in a newspaper in 1970 under her pen name, “Kim.” These sweet little cartoons were simple: the words “Love is…” followed by different examples of the forms love can come in and accompanied by cute little drawings of a couple showing their affection (and nakedness, because it was the time of Woodstock and all) for one another. Continue reading “Love is…”

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What Music Makes You Nostalgic? (Now accepting reader submissions!)


It’s no secret that music is one of the most powerful things that makes us nostalgic, but a radical new approach to analyzing how we receive and store music through the use of brain imaging reveals provides a deeper understanding to why this is the case. Through analysing the auditory cortex and grouping clusters of brain cells, scientists have identified that neural pathways that react almost exclusively to the sound of music. Regardless of the type of music, a distinct set of neurons tucked inside the listener’s auditory cortex fires in response, while other sounds — such as water running, a fire engine’s sirens, or the sounds of traffic — leave the musical circuits unmoved.

How cool is that?!

As awesome as all that science is, something we find equally as groovy is just how much fun it is to share these circuit-firing songs with one another. Over the past few months, we’ve been sharing our love of music with you through our Music Monday posts, and while they’ve not only helped us explore and understand just how powerful the connections between music and nostalgia really are, they’ve also encouraged us to think about the songs that we’ve loved and cherished over the years (and helped to bring them back to life!).

These posts have also encouraged our readers to share with us their own nostalgic favorites, and since we’ve loved hearing their stories, it got us thinking: why not let our readers share their nostalgic music memories on a larger scale?

So with that, dear friends, we’re excited to announce that we will now be accepting guest submissions for Music Monday!

Knowing that we were going to be opening up Music Monday to our readers this week, we decided to see what the experience would be like for a potential contributor. And since so much of my own musical nostalgia was created by the music my parents played for me as a child, I decided to reach out to them so they could contribute some of their own nostalgia-inducing songs. Continue reading “What Music Makes You Nostalgic? (Now accepting reader submissions!)”

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In the Beginning: The Origins of Bluegrass, Heavy Metal, and 9 Other Music Genres

11 Famous Music Genres & Their Interesting Origins

Most casual music listeners have basic knowledge of the bands and artists who heavily influenced their favorite genres. Elvis and the Beatles influenced rock and roll. Willie Nelson and Hank Williams influenced country. Nirvana influenced grunge. Kiss influenced glam metal.

But what about the bands and artists at the cutting edge? The ones that you can trace to a genre’s origins?

This week, we’ve assembled a list of 11 genres and the artists who were there at the beginning. Some you may have heard of (and they may even induce a bit of nostalgia), some maybe not. But all have a most important place in the annals of music. Continue reading “In the Beginning: The Origins of Bluegrass, Heavy Metal, and 9 Other Music Genres”

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16 “New”stalgic Artists That Will Take You Back In Time


The weekend has ended, it’s the beginning of a new work week, and you know what we do today!  (For those of you who don’t know, it’s Music Monday, the day we post about . . . well . . . music.  Duh . . .).  We’ve had so much fun compiling playlists each week and have re-discovered so many old songs that invoke all kinds of serious nostalgia. Not only that, we’ve also discovered a whole world of old tunes that deserve some new love! (Like this awesome gem from the depths of 80’s AOR. Does that guy have pretty hair or what? And bonus at the end of the video: a perky Martha Quinn provides the lowdown on this great band.)

Because you’ve been reading our Everyday Nostalgia series (What? You missed Corey’s Everyday Nostalgia posts? Well, you can find them here!), you know we have dedicated January to all things new.  We’ve worked to keep the “new” theme for our Music Monday posts, too, and today’s playlist rises to that challenge. Each of these bands or singers have the word “new” in their name. New Kids on the Block . . . Juice Newton . . .  You get the idea. Continue reading “16 “New”stalgic Artists That Will Take You Back In Time”