Everyday Nostalgia: A Simpler, Happier, More Fulfilling Life in 2017


As we wrap up 2016 and move toward the new year, we are excited to tell you about our plans for 2017. As you may know, the goal at The Nostalgia Diaries is to provide you interesting, entertaining, and helpful content that will inspire you, make you think, make you laugh, and hopefully, provide you and your family a positive, motivating, happy place online.

In addition to our regular Music Monday and Throwback Thursday posts, we will continue to provide yummy nostalgic (or nostalgic-to-be) recipes semi-regularly in our Saturday Sweets posts, and perhaps non-sweet recipes too—Savory Sunday anyone?

On top of that, however, we want to provide you even more nostalgia-based inspiration in 2017. To that end, we are excited to tell you that on January 8, we will begin a new weekly series on The Nostalgia Diaries blog called Everyday Nostalgia: A 52-Week Journey Celebrating the Past to Create Better Days Today.


In Everyday Nostalgia, Corey’s weekly posts will chronicle her previous week’s efforts to utilize everyday nostalgic living to help build a simpler, happier, and more fulfilling life for herself and her daughter, Zoey. As you follow Corey’s journey to create nostalgic-to-be memories today, you’ll receive all sorts of ideas, tools, and guidance to help you use nostalgia to create a better life for yourself and your family, today and into the future. (And in case you didn’t know, research has shown that nostalgia can provide many awesome positive benefits to your life. Corey will explore the science of nostalgia in her posts as well).

Add to all of that the stories, memories, thoughts, news, commentary, images, and humor you have come to expect from us, and we think the The Nostalgia Diaries will become one of your go-to destinations on the internet.

We look forward to having you visit The Nostalgia Diaries in the new year and, if you enjoy what you see, please SHARE with your family and friends and anyone else you think will benefit from our content.

Happy New Year from The Nostalgia Diaries!  We will see you in January!


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