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12 Days of Christmas: 8 Holiday GIFs {Eighth Day}


I’ll be the first to admit my love of GIFs, the soundless animated images that seem to have taken the social media world by storm. From Twitter to Facebook to Tumblr, they’re everywhere.

Heck, even the newest OS on the iPhone gives you the ability to text an animated GIF for those times when words and emoticons and emojis just can’t communicate your feelings quite right. It was just a few weeks ago that I discovered this feature on my phone, and when I did, I spent the better part of my evening texting back and forth with a friend, one GIF after another, laughing to myself. (I’ll also admit I don’t have much of a social life.)

But honestly, I’m really not that lame, because let’s face it: some of them are downright hysterical.


Come on, who wouldn’t laugh at that? Especially how the second guy sort of bounces off the floor.  Over and over and over and over . . .

And speaking of laughter, that GIF makes me awfully nostalgic for the matching pajama pants my mom always would give my brother, father and me for Christmas.

Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a pair of blue plaid flannel pajama pants from The Gap, circa 2001. (My dad still has his.)

But I digress.

Remember the saying a few years back “there’s an app for that”? I think it’s safe to say that now, no matter what you’re feeling, there’s probably an animated GIF for that.

So today, because we’re feeling Christmassy (and have been for the past 7 days), here’s 8 animated GIFs to help put you in the holiday spirit. While they might not make you LOL, we have a hunch they’ll put a smile on your face and spread some simple, silent animated holiday cheer.


Next year, I’m inviting 10 friends (and a dog) to help me decorate my Christmas tree.


How many chipmunks does it take to change a (Christmas) light bulb?


Innocent to evil in 3 seconds. It’s really quite impressive.


Christmas is all about love, actually.


This is what the holidays should feel like: food, drinks, laughter, and love.


Because a safety blanket always made everything better (including Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree).


So. Many. Christmas. Lights.


No matter what holiday you celebrate, we hope they’re filled with love, happiness, and of course, a hefty helping of nostalgia!


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Tomorrow’s Ninth Day of Christmas will be “reel”y fun!






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  1. Another wonderful and heartwarming post…BTW, “Christmas Vacation” is one of my favourite Christmas movies….the rant, and the squirrel make me laugh out loud every time…Chevy Chase is beyond funny….anyway, I digress…thanks for sharing 🙂

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