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#tbt: Dewey Remember?


“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future.” – Ray Bradbury

#tbt  #shhhh!  #ihavetheentirelibraryinmypocket  #thankyougoogle

On this Throwback Thursday, we want you to raise your hand if you used a card catalog and know what the Dewey Decimal System is . . .

And we also want to remind you to make sure you pay your fine for that overdue library book. . .








8 thoughts on “#tbt: Dewey Remember?

    1. How awesome is that! There was always something so satisfying in the process of discovering books that way, walking up and down rows of books, touching them, smelling them, and living within their stories even if for a few moments.


      1. Great parenting! to both you and your father.
        I don’t think you have to “try” to pass it to your daughter… I believe you’re doing that successfully. 😊
        Everything is electronic…but my kids LOVE books. And THAT, that is such a blessing.

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  1. In my 20s I worked in our local branch library. My favourite job of the week was when the new books arrived on Tuesday and I got to add the new cards to the card catalogue. It was so calming and a great way to get to know the collection. I miss that job, and the fact that card catalogues don’t even exist anyore! 😦

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