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Saturday Sweets: Decadent Dark Chocolate Brownies {Recipe}


As if Christmas wasn’t a big enough holiday to send your system into sugar shock, December also holds two other sweet celebrations: National Cookie Day and National Brownie Day. Since we made some Healthy Oatmeal Cranberry Breakfast Cookies on National Cookie Day, we decided to whip something up for National Brownie Day. Celebrated this past Thursday on December 8, National Brownie Day pays homage to the dense, chocolate-laden, cake-like dessert that has been winning over the hearts (and stomachs) of people since the late 1800s. We hope these delicious Decadent Dark Chocolate Brownies will win you over, too.
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#nationalcookieday: Healthy Oatmeal Cranberry Breakfast Cookies


In honor of National Cookie Day, and as a way to counteract all the butter and sugar we consumed yesterday with our Spritz Butter Cookies, I decided to whip up something a wee bit healthier today. And since I started baking these at 8 in the morning (and wanted to eat them shortly thereafter), what better kind of cookie than one we could eat for breakfast? There’s no refined sugar or flour in these Healthy Oatmeal Cranberry Breakfast Cookies, so it’s practically like eating oatmeal, right?

The flavor of these cookies is a little reminiscent of a traditional, nostalgic oatmeal raisin cookie—which I love—but with an updated flavor profile that includes the sweetness from bananas and the tartness of dried cranberries. As an added twist, I dusted the tops of these with just a small pinch of salt, which gave them the perfect balance of sweet and salty and crunchy and YUM.

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Nostalgic Saturday Sweets: Spritz Cookies {Recipe}


Every year when December rolled around, my brother, Kurt, and I would eagerly wait for the arrival of a package. Normally it would show up on our doorstep a few weeks before Christmas, wrapped in brown Kraft paper and haphazardly taped and postmarked. Kurt and I would see our address written in our grandmother’s cursive, and just like that, our stomachs would start growling, and we would salivate in sweet anticipation.

Because we knew what was inside: cookies. And lots of them.

After hauling the box in the kitchen and extracting the brightly colored tins, we’d open them to find a smörgåsbord of baked goods. Wax paper lined layers of cookies laced with sugar, chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, sprinkles, nuts, and butter stared up at us, taunting us with their sweetness. What would we pick first? And how could we pick just one?

We never picked just one. Thank goodness she sent multiple tins.

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