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Just a Little Note: A trip and a takeover and other fun stuff, oh my!


Can you believe it’s already August?! Where on earth does the time go?

We’ve had a great summer filled with fun things like Zoey’s 6th birthday and her week-long art camp, visits from my parents, swinging at the park, lounging by the pool, being lazy during the dreary, rainy days, making homemade ice cream, and, as always, being our happy, silly selves. 

But the one thing we haven’t done is the one thing that most people do during the summer—take a vacation! So we’re going to do just that, and believe me, it is much, much needed!

Now, I’m sure that when I say the word vacation, you probably have visions of sparkling blue water, sandy white beaches, and palm trees gently blowing in the wind. Or perhaps you think about a long road trip, discovering new towns and meeting new people. Maybe a vacation for you means a cruise or a European excursion or trip to Disneyland or even living it up in your own city in the form of a stay-cation.

Source: Remarkable Ohio

* * *

But Zoey and I… well, we like to live large. Tomorrow we are traveling to the Glass Capital of the World, otherwise known as Toledo, Ohio, where we will spend almost a week with my parents and even get to spend time with my brother and his kids, Zoey’s favorite (albeit only) cousins. While it might not be tropical, my parents do live on a lake, so if you sit on their dock, you can hear water lapping beside you and if didn’t know any better, you’d swear you were at the beach.

Okay, that may be a stretch, but Zoey’s been looking forward to it for months, and I have too, because who wouldn’t love a few summer days in the Midwest? We’ll fish off the dock, go for boat rides on the lake, eat ice cream at our favorite ice cream stand, try to catch fireflies at twilight, and simply take a break by spending time with the people we love. Sounds like a pretty good vacation to me…

10400217_55158267776_1574_n* * *

Taking this vacation means we’ll be taking a break from the blog, but have no fear, The Nostalgia Diaries will still be here and as fun as ever!

On Monday, my friend, Steve, will be doing a blog “takeover” next week. You might remember that name if you checked out his awesome #musicmonday Up with People guest post a few weeks back. Or perhaps you remember that photo, the one with him in all his acid wash, fanny-pack, late 80’s glory. (Sorry, Steve, I couldn’t help it—that photo is classic!) I can guarantee you that he’ll be bringing you all sorts of fun, awesome content, and it will come in the form of the posts you’ve come to love from us here at the Nostalgia Diaries: Music Monday, Throwback Thursday, and our Friday Remember Reminder series. I’m excited to have him join us again, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy having him around for the week. Make sure to give him a warm Nostalgia Diaries welcome, because we’d love to have him back again. (I mean, why wouldn’t we? Not only is he a big fan of nostalgia, the guy can write!)

* * *

As always, I’ll still be bringing you my latest Everyday Nostalgia post this Sunday. To give you a little hint, it has something to do with this image we posted over on Facebook yesterday:


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Thanks for being such awesome friends—we love having you be a part of this journey with us! Have a great week next week, and we will see you back here soon!


So how about all of you? What was your favorite part of this summer? Did you go on any fun vacations? What was your favorite part of going back to school? 


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17 thoughts on “Just a Little Note: A trip and a takeover and other fun stuff, oh my!

  1. Have an amazing time!! Lake time can be every bit as soothing and soul-filling as beach time, sometimes even more so when dealing with summer beach crowds. Enjoy!

  2. YAY! I am so excited to hear that you’re going on this well-deserved vacation. I grew up in Minnesota (“Land of 10,000 Lakes”), so I have WONDERFUL memories of spending leisurely days at the lake going swimming, waterskiing, heading out on the pontoon, etc. Have a fantastic time with your family. Also – I love that picture of you and Zoey at the top of the post 🙂

  3. have a great vacation – sounds wonderful to me! Such a cool idea to have a blog takeover!

  4. Have an awesome vacation! We have yet to take one this summer, so we’re driving to Minneapolis next week. Not tropical either, but it will be nice to get away and explore a new city. Excited to read some of the takeover posts this week.

  5. I kind of feel like when Trapper left M*A*S*H* and Honeycutt came in! We’ll miss you, and Steve’s post I read already was good and took me to some theme songs I haven’t thought of in a loong time. Also, wonder if you’ll get a burger at Berger’s Olde Tyme Grill!

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