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loving-online-july-nostalgia-diariesWe’re officially in the dog days of summer, and even though it’s been hot, hot, hot here, there’s just something like the feel of sunshine on your face, don’t you think? But as much as we love soaking up all the summer sun we can get, we sometimes have to stay inside—either as a respite from the intense heat or to stay dry when those afternoon thunderstorms start rolling in.

In those moments, we like to laze around the house: My daughter Zoey and I will color or put together a puzzle or whip up something delicious. If we’re feeling especially lazy, Zoey will watch a few episodes of her favorite show, Nerdy Nummies, and I’ll browse around online, scouring the interwebs for whatever “new” nostalgic things that might be out there, just waiting for me to discover and share with all of you.

This month was full of fun finds, so without further ado, here are 10 Things We’ve Been Loving Online for the month of July.

We’re Loving These Things Online

1) This Awesome Typewriter Keyboard… Because it blends the past and the present beautifully, and other than it being perhaps the coolest thing ever, we’ve got to get our hands on one.

You can learn more about Elretron’s wireless bluetooth keyboard, Penna, over on their website.

record-player-nostalgia-diaries2) Vinyl Records Are So Popular Sony Plans to Make Them Again Because we love bringing back throwback things!

“Vinyl has always offered a more intimate experience. The large format feels more substantial and turns the design of the cover and the inserts into satisfying artworks in their own right in a way that a CD never could. There’s something wonderfully interactive about putting on a record, listening to a side, and then flipping it over to hear the other side…”

Easy No Churn Ice Cream | The Nostalgia Diaries Blog3) 15 Best S’Mores Recipes Because who isn’t nostalgic for s’mores?

After Zoey and I stirred up this Easy No-Churn Peanut Butter Chocolate S’Mores Ice Cream earlier this month, Jordan over at Read. Eat. Repeat. included it on her roundup of some of the best s’mores recipes she could find. We were delighted to be among her picks, and just looking at the 14 others left our tastebuds salivating for that perfect graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallowy goodness that seems to be synonymous with summer. I mean, how can you go wrong with S’Mores Brownies, S’Mores Scones, and S’Mores Cupcakes? You can’t. And you actually could probably make them even better with a side of our ice cream. Just sayin.’ (We won’t judge. Promise.)

4) This sweet video of animals and their owners Because who doesn’t love a hug?

File_0005) Letters to My… Series Because there’s something wonderfully nostalgic about letter writing, isn’t there?

I’m pretty sure I’ve got the world’s best mom, and I promise it’s not because she brings Zoey and I all sorts of goodies when she visits… but she does, so lucky us! She arrived this week with birthday gifts for Zoey and this really cool Letters to My Future Self book for me. I’m a total sucker for a good book, and while this one isn’t a traditional one by any means, it’s definitely awesome: an innovative book filled with 12 fold-and-mail style letters—each containing a prompt to inspire self-reflection—Letters to My Future Self offers a unique way for you to capture your everyday moments now and then reflect back on those memories at a future point in time. I love the inspiration behind this series of books, too. Since they come in a variety of themes, such as Letters to My Friend, Letters to the Graduate, Letters to My Baby, and more, these make the perfect gift for any occasion. 

6) Photographer Turns Childhood Memories into Photos Because we love how photographs have the power to take you back in time.

Experiential Spaces #1 (left) and #6 (right); Thomas Friedrich Schaefer

Through his series Experiential Spaces, German photographer Thomas Friedrich Schaefer has captured fragments of his childhood memories of growing up, bringing them to life in the form of these beautifully staged photographs. His ultimate goal? To stimulate viewers to bring out their own childhood memories, too. And we think he’s quite successful: Even though the memories aren’t our own, the themes portrayed in these photos are quite universal, so it’s easy for us to recall the days of our own past when we look at them. 

7) Taking Flight Because this video pretty much sums up EVERYTHING we’re about over here at the Nostalgia Diaries. We’d tell you more, but we’d rather you just watch and see for yourself…

This Emmy-nominated short film was inspired by the life and heritage of Antonio Pasin, inventor of the Radio Flyer wagon. Radio Flyer wagons conjure up all sorts of nostalgia for us (and probably most people, for that matter, considering the company turned 100 this year), so it probably comes as no surprise that wagons were included in our list of 17 Nostalgic Signs of Summer post earlier this month. (And for a nostalgic double-whammy, check out this awesome Star Wars-inspired Landspeeder the company recently released. So. Freaking. Cool.)

* * *

We’re Loving This Facebook Page

8) The Nostalgic 90’s Because they remind of the awesomeness of that decade through photos like this…

and this…

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and this…

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* * *

We’re Loving This Instagram Account

9) The Kindness Rocks ProjectBecause kindness rocks!

CaptureAs you may know, we kinda have a thing for kindness over here, so when we stumbled across the Kindness Rocks Project Instagram account, it definitely piqued our interest.

Their goal is simple: To promote random acts of kindness to unsuspecting recipients, whether by painting and dropping inspirational rocks or some other cool creative way to bring kindness into the world. We think we just found our next craft project for those too hot or rainy afternoons! The process sounds super easy and it’s one that has so much potential to make the world a happier, kinder place, so we’ll sign up for that kind of activity any day!

You can learn more about the Kindness Rocks Project over on their website and Facebook page, too.

We’re Loving This Blog…

storm-trooper-beach-coach-daddy10) Coach Daddy Because even though we love all the Mommy blogs out there, we love seeing things from a dad’s point of view, too.

After being introduced to Eli from Coach Daddy through a pretty darn awesome Facebook group, all it took was reading one of his posts to be hooked. Not only is Eli a dad and a coach, he is also a seasoned writer (in fact, one of his essays was just published in a book called But Did You Die?), and it shows. From his series Go Ask Daddy to regular posts on awesome female role models called #GirlsRock, he is insightful, inspiring, funny, and whimsical. (And honestly, how could you not love a blog that includes pictures of Stormtroopers in almost every post?)

Though I love his touching stories about fatherhood, Eli’s piece Would You Do Something Bold for Love? I Just Did is a particular favorite of mine. It combines all sorts of wonderful things—nostalgia, thoughtfulness, love, and hope—in quite a perfect little package. I especially like that his writing makes you think.

He also has been giving the Nostalgia Diaries lots and lots of love (like here and here and here, and even here, on his most recent round-up of 6 Word Stories), and for that, we are both humbled and grateful. Make sure to check Eli out over on his website, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You’ll be glad you did.

So… Tell us about something wonderful you found on the internet this past month. What have you been loving lately?


At The Nostalgia Diaries, our goal is to help you simplify, enhance, and engage your lives by focusing on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming. It’s all about celebrating the past to create better days today.


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46 thoughts on “10 Things We’re Loving Online | July

  1. So many great links in this post, like the nostalgia Facebook page, I also wouldn’t mind checking out the Kindness Project IG page too. I’m coming as soon as I get to work so I can watch the animals video with headphones. Back soon, thanks for sharing hun. 🙂

  2. These were all awesome!! thank you so much for the share…I especially love the childhood memories turned into photos : )

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday, and here you are this morning. I love this entire post! Love, love, love it! I never have to brace myself when we connect: I know I can jump in with both feet and be drenched (and quenched) by your soothing offerings (hey, I think I’ll include that in an upcoming post-theme–and I’ll mention you as the inspiration 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I will have to check out that 1990s website, because it sounds pretty amazing. And Eli’s blog has become a favorite of mine as well!

  5. This is such a well thought out post. I will be looking for the August list next month! I’m in love with the Taking flight video – this perfectly captures my imagination as a child…err and actually as an adult!!

  6. I love the letters to my… series! I found them in a local stationary shop and fell in love instantly! SO MUCH GOODNESS in this post! I’m like “take all my money!!” LOL

  7. What a fun roundup post of things you’re loving this month! I love that typewriter keyboard and those color changing markers totally bring back memories! What a fun Facebook page that is!

  8. Love these! I had heard of Kindness Rocks, but I will have to head over and follow them now!

  9. Okay, I NEED that keyboard…coolest thing ever. But will it make my blog posts turn out cooler? haha

    As a child of the 90s, that Facebook page is everything. Excuse me while I browse it for the next hour and a half…

  10. Oh the typewriter keyboard is EVERYTHING!!! I also love the crayons from the FB page…Crayola was and still is my favorite!!

  11. These ideas are so fun! My boys have those scooters, and they still play with them sometimes. Thanks for the fun post!

  12. I am with you on this summer heat! I love everything you listed..want to do the kindness rocks with my daughter. My daughter watched a video on glueing jelly beans on glasses (now she doesn’t wear any haha). She has that on her list right now 😊

  13. My 19 year old niece begged for a record player and is now playing my father’s vinyals! I love that’s back!!!

  14. That type-writer keyboard is amazing. Every time I think of a type-writer now, I think of Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec. Have you seen the show/that episode?

  15. I love some of these! I think it’s so interesting that Sony is going to make records again. I feel like it’s a fad and it will disappear before they can really get it off the ground.

  16. Man, you found some cool stuff out there, Corey! If that typewriter and vinyl can make comebacks, so can I! haha.

    I still have John Lennon’s solo album, Starting Over, on vinyl, somewhere. Those letters to yourself, I hope, will in part make their way to your blog in time.

    Thanks so much for including me in such stellar company!

  17. Just followed “The Nostalgic 90’s” on your recommendation! Severely miss the 90’s, what a decade!

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