Remember Reminder #10: Be Kind

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#rememberreminder: Be Kind

Because our world is crazy, confusing, and complicated enough,
our Remember Reminder today is simple:

Be kind.

Kindness is such an amazing thing: it’s free, easy, and can make all the difference in the world to someone who really needs it. And since you never really know who needs it most, it seems like the easiest solution is to be kind to everyone.

We all know how good it feels when others are kind to us, but studies show that practicing kindness has just as many benefits: it reduces blood pressure, improves well-being, reduces depression, and decreases anxiety, among many other things. And we could all use a little bit of that right now, don’t you think?  

What all of this really means is that when we practice kindness, everyone wins. 

So today, be kind.  

(And while you’re at it, remember to rewind.)

 * * *

Talk to us: How will you be kind today? What’s your favorite way to practice kindness? How does it make you feel to give and receive kindness?

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35 thoughts on “Remember Reminder #10: Be Kind

  1. This is such a sweet reminder. It really does go so far to just be kind. I read something once that if you have a nice thought about someone (their hair looks nice, project went well, etc) to make sure to tell them. So I always try to do that.

  2. Be kind, rewind LOVE IT! showing our age on that one 🙂 Our camp motto this summer is It’s Cool To Be Kind. so simple and I love it!

  3. I love this concept of giving kindness for health benefits, similar to viewing your day through a rose tinted lens.

    Great article! 🙂

  4. It takes so little energy to be kind and truly does make life better. I try to smile at people, make eye contact when I can and simply be patient. Sometimes others aren’t sure how to respond but I love it when someone who has such an unhappy look does smile back. I also always make sure to thank cashiers by using their name. This is a job where they often feel invisible and I’m grateful for them.

  5. Who doesn’t need this daily reminder? Perfect message to kick off the weekend!

  6. Such an important reminder. A simple kind gesture can totally make someone else’s day. We need more kindness in our world.

  7. Yesss! This reminder is so important and needed. I think we may not remember everything about everyone, but we will always remember their kindness.

  8. Love this reminder! Sometimes when I’m feeling tired or irritated, I want to give a snappy response or say/do something I’d regret. I’ve gotten into a habit now of taking a deep breathe, and reminding myself it’s not that serious, and it’s just better to spread positivity and kindness, rather than the opposite!

  9. I am working so hard to instill this message in my daughter. It is SO important! Thank you for the reminder!!!!

  10. Love this! Yes its easy and free and unfortunately some people still need this reminder. I love the Cinderella quote…. be courage, be kind!

  11. I agree that it reduces stress and anxiety to be kind! I was reading my Bible yesterday and reminded to respond kindly even when others slander me. I’m like 80% good at this. Haha But whenever I have responded to slander unkindly, it always creates so much stress and anxiety. Not worth it. Always choose kindness.

  12. One of my favorite ways to practice kindness, and something I need to do more of, is to keep my mouth shut when I want to complain or say something not so nice!

  13. Being kind to others makes our own world better…. The joy that comes from giving kindness comes back to us 10 fold…

  14. I joined a friend’s campaign she called Kindness Revolution. A small act of kindness will definitely create a ripple effect and reach more people who are so much in need of kindness in their lives.

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