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Remember Reminder #9: Have Fun


#rememberreminder: Have Fun

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Remember playing silly games with your friends? Freeze-tag, Red-Rover, Marco Polo, Simon Says, Don’t step on the cracks… One silly activity making a recent comeback on the internet is “the floor is lava.” Yeah, being silly is fun…

And “the floor is lava” reminded us of this fun video at :55

Remember the fun, freedom, and excitement you felt as a kid riding bikes or scooters or BIG WHEELS!?

Remember hot summer days playing in the sprinkler?  And if you were really lucky all the neighborhood kids would gather for an epic day on the slip and slide.  These guys haven’t forgotten how to have fun…

Remember the pure unadulterated joy of seeing the ice cream truck driving down your street? I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

This couple, Kristin and Danny, create lip-sync videos, and they are a hit with a lot of people on YouTube. While the videos are fun to watch, Kristin and Danny seem to have so much fun making these videos…  They haven’t forgotten fun…

Remember dancing?  Kevin Bacon remembers fun…

Remember the fun of being creative? The guys of OK Go create seriously awesome videos for their music. This is the one that introduced us to the fun of synchronized treadmill dancing…

 * * *

So, if you are struggling to find happiness, if your days are full of stress, or you feel like you are stuck in a rut, remember being a kid, and bring fun back into your life.

Talk to us: How will you remember to have fun this summer?  Will it be something creative?  Something adventurous? Something silly?

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29 thoughts on “Remember Reminder #9: Have Fun

  1. Love…love…love this! You gave me a few good laughs this morning!! Our Summer fun will absolutely involve some silliness. My youngest daughter says she comes from a silly family. Haha! I guess it comes naturally to us! LOL!

  2. Traveling to FUN places!! And Red Rover brings back not-so-fun memories of a dislocated thumb. 😉

  3. My son and I started lava on the floor! We cracked up. I am also making it a point to swim with the kids instead of watching 🙂

  4. Love this! It relates to my most recent post in which I share about swinging at the park with my kiddos! Sometimes we get so tangled up in life that we forget to have fun. Great reminder! Thanks, Corey!!

  5. Such a good reminder to stop and enjoy the little things of summer! We plan to spend lots of time outside running through the sprinkler, doing sidewalk chalk, and spending time with friends and neighbors!

  6. SO many summer memories here! I love this! I do remember playing all those games. Red Light, Green Light was my favorite!

  7. lol this is perfect. laughter is the best medicine and we stay too busy to laugh! so thanks for the post.
    remember how fun it is to do cartwheels in the grocery isle? (i’m being reminded fairly consistently this summer!)

  8. I love this post! I remember almost all of the games that you mentioned. The floor is lava was one of my favorite games and it’s so cool to see my boys play that game now.

  9. My boys pulled that “lava floor” on me so many times, I saved myself by calming stating “good thing I’m wearing my invisible lava boots today!” and stomped by way across the floor to tickle them. Worked every time!

  10. The floor is lava!! Oh my gosh I remember playing this SO much as a kid. And my kids play it now too. I don’t think I ever taught them about it, it’s just something in kid DNA. Thanks for the fun reminder 🙂

  11. I remember all those games! I don’t remember why but I was thinking of Marco Polo the other day and I was like, I don’t know if I’ve played that since I was in middle school! This summer has, in some ways, not been the best, so I’ve taken every opportunity I can to be adventurous, which has also made it one of the best I’ve had in awhile.

  12. Awwww, love this compilation of fun childhood games (slip and slide! Though that one looked kind of painful, lol. and The FLOOR IS LAVA!! Love to see that making a comeback!)… The Ok Go video is brilliant–I actually saw some music videos over the weekend and realized it has been AGES since I have seen any! THANK YOU for sharing 🙂

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