Remember Reminder #7: Say Thank You

Remember Reminder #7: Say Thank You | The Nostalgia Dairies Blog
#rememberreminder: Say Thank You 

Even though today’s Remember Reminder — Say Thank You — is probably one of the first things you remember being reminded to do as a child, it very well might be one of the most powerful and important lessons you’ve ever learned.

After extensive research back in 2007, author Robert Emmons found that expressing gratitude — our emotion that that relates to our ability to feel and express thankfulness and appreciation — has the ability to improve our mental, physical, and relational well-being. Being grateful can also impact our overall experience of happiness, and these effects tend to be long-lasting. This makes sense, because we all know how wonderful it makes us feel to say “thank you” to someone. It’s powerful to let someone know that they made a difference in your life, no matter how big or small their kindness or generosity or thoughtfulness may have been.

But now that we think about it, the benefits of being grateful sounds like those of something else we like to put into practice, that little thing called nostalgia.

After all, gratitude and nostalgia do seem to be quite the perfect pair: If you are grateful for your past, you’re more likely to celebrate who you are today — that amazing, wonderful, incredible person called YOU — and you’re more likely to look forward to the person you want to become in the future.

So remember to say thank you — to others, of course — but also for your yesterdays, your todays, and for all of your tomorrows. Because being grateful for who you are — and who you want to be — is something you should always put into practice.

Tell Us: What parts of your past are you most grateful for? What do you think you’ll be thankful for in your future? If you could say thank you for one thing in your life today, what would it be?

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At the The Nostalgia Diaries, our goal is to help you simplify, enhance, and engage your lives by focusing on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming. It’s all about celebrating the past to create better days today.


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14 thoughts on “Remember Reminder #7: Say Thank You

  1. I’m most thankful for my son and the fact I was able to have him. I’m thankful for the healthy life I’ve been given and those around means hopeful that continues.

  2. I am so thankful for 3 healthy girls. I’m so thankful for amazing family and for my grandparents to be able to spend time with their great grandchildren. Thank you for reminding us to pause and reflect on what we are thankful for.

  3. I’m thankful to have parents who supported me and taught me how to be independent. I am a resourceful and confident person because of them. Thank you for this beautiful post!

  4. Gratitude is one of my major goals in life. It changes my perspective on everything. I think sometimes it’s easy to be annoyed with things that have happened, or regret things that we did or didn’t do, but when we look at our experiences through the lens of gratitude, we see what we have LEARNED from all those experiences, and we can be grateful for them…even if we wouldn’t ever want to go through it again.

  5. This is one of the things I want my children to learn. Gratitude and thankfulness make life worth living.

  6. I’m thankful for my children and my husband that without hesitation took in my neice + nephew 4 years ago. And for my parents for everything they have done and still do.

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