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“Sew” Long, Thimble: Monopoly’s Tokens Get a Modern Makeover


Last Friday, Hasbro announced that the newest edition of Monopoly — which hits shelves this fall — will boast three new playing tokens: a duck, a penguin, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex. These new tokens give the boot to the boot (ha!), the wheelbarrow, and the thimble.

Oh, Hasbro… how could you? I know that you wanted to modernize one of the most iconic and nostalgic board games ever created, but did you have to go and mess with perfection?

The new tokens were selected as a result of a poll conducted by Hasbro in January, so it’s not like they picked them without any feedback. But really? A T-Rex?! It’s hard for me to picture a Monopoly board with a T-Rex battling it out with its current mainstays: the Scottie dog, top hat, roadster car, cat, and battleship (Because if any of those has a chance, it’s the battleship).

monopoly-chance-nostalgia-dairiesLuckily, as we all know, winning Monopoly really doesn’t have anything to do with what token you get, it’s about how savvy you are with real estate (well, that, and you know, luck.) But who doesn’t remember opening up the game and scrambling to pick out your favorite silver playing piece? I always selected the thimble because it promised protection against my brother’s cutthroat strategic — and almost always, winning — ways. (I have a feeling if I played the new version of it with him, he’d gladly pick that short-armed dinosaur to represent him as he plopped down his mansions on Boardwalk and Park Place.)

But I guess that’s just the way of the world, and of course, we adapt and will one day decide that maybe the duck or the penguin or the prehistoric predator really is a perfectly good stand-in for any of the old, retired tokens.

Or, better yet: if you’re as saddened by this news as I am, you march right out and pick up the Classic Monopoly game instead. Nostalgia for the win!


Talk to Us: Are you a Monopoly fan? How do you feel about the new token selections? What is your favorite Monopoly playing piece? Share with us in the comments!


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9 thoughts on ““Sew” Long, Thimble: Monopoly’s Tokens Get a Modern Makeover

  1. Haha, now if I play with these new tokens, I will be imagining the T-rex fighting with the other tokens! We enjoy playing Monopoly, although sometimes it can go on for days!

  2. I’ve got to admit, I’m nerdily excited for the T-Rex option! Rawr! It’s definitely going to be my new favorite!

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