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What’s Your Favorite Photograph?


“One time, this guy handed me a picture of him, he said “Here’s a picture of me when I was younger.” … Every picture is of you when you were younger.” – Mitch Hedberg

Take a moment today to be thankful for the photographs that have helped keep your memories close…

And although keeping your photos on your phone (or the cloud) may be a convenient way to keep them, consider printing them out and putting them in an album (old-school style) or get a photobook printed. There’s something so wonderfully nostalgic about flipping through pages of photos, laughing, sharing, and reminiscing.

There are so many awesome options out there, ranging from the basic Snapfish or Shutterfly or SnapBox ones, to the heirloom-quality ones printed by companies like Artifact Uprising and Picaboo. Keep them, or give them to family and friends as gifts.


What’s your favorite photograph and why? Who took it? How does it make you feel?


At the Nostalgia Diaries, our goal is to help you simplify, enhance, and engage your lives by focusing on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming. It’s all about celebrating the past to create better days today.

We’d love for you to join us in this journey.

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41 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Photograph?

  1. That is a nice way to jog the memory. One of my nostalgia-ridden photographs is of my mother and I in Oman – where we lived for the first 8 years of my life. There are few photographs in which we are affectionate because we do fight a lot. Now, the annoying thing is that somehow it was left in a book with a college friend. She told me about it a long time ago and despite constantly asking her to send it back, I never did lay my hands on it again.

    1. Thank you for sharing this story with us. It’s frustrating to lose things that are of such great importance to us. But you have the memory of the photo, and the stories associated with it. Write them down so they can live on forever. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love the idea of printing out photos and making an album in this digital age 🙂 my favorite photo is one that I have of me and my grandfather when I was 3yo!

  3. My favorite photo is from our wedding. It is prom style with him holding my waist as he is standing behind me. It’s just the perfect picture and brings me back to a perfect day.

  4. One of the first things I did when I moved across the world was print off a bunch of photos of my family and friends back home to string up around my bedroom – just to make it feel like home! My favourite photo is one of my brother, my sister and I and our childhood dog sitting next to our pool with big cheesy sunburnt grins!

  5. My favorite photos are the candid ones. The ones where nobody is looking because they are so mindfully enjoying the present moment. My parents have made so many photo albums of us growing up. I want to return the favor and start making books of our recent trips together!

  6. I don’t know if I could pick a single favorite photo! It’s so hard to choose! I am terrible about printing out my photos and I need to do more of that.

  7. I have so many that I love but my fave pic was not professional…. Just a snapshot someone took at a friends house, but it’s me and my 2 boys all cuddled up together when they were little 🙂 most of my pics don’t have me in them because I’m always the one holding the camera 🙂 I have this one framed 🙂

  8. We really don’t print enough photos these days! My favorite is a pic of me at just over a year and a half wearing a big box of Bold laundry detergent as a Halloween costume. I love the sentiment of diy costumes, the tight budget my parents had at the time, getting my love of Halloween from them, the smile on my face, and the reminder to be “Bold!”

  9. It’s nearly impossible to pick out one favorite photo – but I bet I could fill a single photo album with the likely candidates. I think an awesome post idea for you would be to pick your favorite 10. I had one of Camdyn and I goofing around that was on a phone years ago, but it’s gone – i would love to have it now!

  10. My favorite photo is one of my friends on a lake trip in high school. One of my friends is gone now, so this photo reminds me of happier times, when we were all together and carefree.

  11. This is so true! I have majority of my pictures on iCloud, phone. Those pictures that are printed, like my wedding album, are so much fun to look through. Much more fun that flipping through the ones on my phone. My favorite pictures that I have in my home are those of my kids the first week of them being born as well as the pictures from my wedding. Just something extra special about those ❤️

  12. This is so true!! Pictures are the key to so many wonderful memories for us! I have so many photos on my phone…but I am a big fan of creating a photo book in shutterfly!

  13. Hmm…I don’t know if I have a favorite photo!! There is one though of me on a ledge in Paris writing when I was in my 20s–that’s a goodie 🙂 love this idea…really need to put more of my pics in albums. Thanks for the reminder!!

  14. That quote kind of blew my mind. Also – my photos honestly mean the world to me. The idea that we can capture a memory has always been so sacred to me. I know that I love flipping through my wedding album when I want to drown in nostalgia for a little while!

  15. This is going to sound super narcissistic but I love photographs of myself smiling… when I am down and I see myself smiling it reminds me of the good days when i could be that happy, and then it makes me feel good again <3 But i also love photos of me and my bf <3

  16. You had me at the Mitch Hedberg quote. Love everything he did! My favorite photo is of my two pit bulls laying on top of each other completely wiped out, since they are rarely still.

  17. I love pictures and I annoy my family by asking them to pose all the time! My favorite pictures are ones of me, my husband, and kids together because we don’t usually get the four of us in one picture. It’s usually me taking pictures of everyone else.

  18. There’s an amazing photo of my husband and I from a wedding we went to in Italy. It is pretty early on in our relationship so we were younger and madly in love. I just love looking at it, and remembering that special time.

  19. I am a huge fan of printed photos. It’s so pretty to see and touch them. Artifact Uprising is one of my favorite places to print albums and such.

  20. I have lots of treasured pictures of my grandparents and my kids when they were small but your post reminded me that it’s been way too long since I’ve taken pictures of my family. I’m going to do more of this!

  21. I really need to get better about printing photos out and not just keeping them on my phone and computer. Like you said, it’s so much fun to flip through them and relive those memories.

  22. I hadn’t thought about this in a while, but I absolutely love looking at old photographs, especially from my childhood. It also makes me want to print photos for my children for when they are older. I can recall EXACTLY what my favorite photograph is. 🙂

  23. Oh, man–I love this post. I didn’t realize how important my pics were to me until I love my phone in a river during a floating trip and realized that I didn’t have any of my pictures backed up anywhere. My first kid wasn’t even a year old at that point, and I had lost over a thousand pictures I’d taken since his birth. !!! Thankfully, I’d sent lots to family and friends and they were able to send them right back to me. Phew. But now I’ve got google photos set up to synce automoatically…

  24. I don’t remember the last time I actually printed off a picture! This is a great reminder to start printing them off and sharing them! Love this!

  25. I am so bad about taking photos on my phone and then never looking at them! It’s so easy to put them in a photo book; I should just do it!

  26. My favorite photo isnt of me but a photo I took here in Toronto about a month after I moved here. It was graffiti quote on a random building. Neither the graffiti nor the building is there anymore and its only been 4 months. Made me get out every chance I get to take photos.

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