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Music Monday: 19 New Songs that Sound Vintage


Happy Monday fellow nostalgia seekers!  After a week of snow and bitter cold here, temperatures climbed out of the deep-freeze range today and now we’re looking forward to a week of wind and slush. Weather that will truly inspire! We hope you are getting settled into your new year’s routines and enjoying life (crappy weather be damned) to the fullest!

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Continuing on with the New Beginnings theme this month, today’s Music Monday post is all about New Songs that sound vintage, old, retro—songs that could have been playing on the radio back in the day.  These artists have taken inspiration from the likes of Bob Dylan, Al Green, Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, and many others to craft sounds that will take you back to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

It’s a big list today—19 songs—but we think you will really enjoy this selection of “inspired” tunes. And perhaps you will be inspired to explore not only these new artists’ work, but also take fresh look at some of your favorites (or perhaps some unknowns) from days-gone-by.

So enjoy this collection of new old sounds, and let us know in the comments if you have a new song that sounds like it may just be from another time.

1) The World is Going Up in Flames – Charles Bradley (2011)

  If you love Al Green, which we do…

2) She’s American – The 1975 (2016)

Total 80’s flashback here…

3) Sweet Honey Bee (Shine On) – Jens Hoffman (2013)

Dead ringer for Lennon (and the music is a little Cat Stevens-esque)… and the first few notes of the song really make us think we’re listening to I’m Looking Through You by The Beatles.

4) A Man You’ve Never Known – The Strange Boys (2009)

Dylan + The Rolling Stones; it starts off a bit like Under My Thumb.

5) When I Said Goodbye – Mayer Hawthorne (2009)

Whoa there… Is that Smokey Robinson we’re hearing?

6) Versace on the Floor – Bruno Mars (2016)

Michael Jackson + Boyz II Men + Brian McKnight mashup.

7) Fools – Diane Birch (2009)

A Carole King clone.

8) All of the Time – Locksley (2007)

Certainly Beatles-esque…

9) Wake Me – Lucious (2015)

Sounds like a 60’s girl group.

10) Sydney (I’ll Come Running) – Brett Dennen (2011)

Undertones of Paul Simon.

11) I Don’t Fall Much Anymore – Barna Howard (2012)

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think this was Bob Dylan; this song a little reminiscent of Blowin’ in the Wind

12) Right Out of Love – Jeremy & the Harlequins (2015)

This song has a major 50’s-60’s vibe.

13) Monte Carlo – U.S. Royalty (2011)

Fleetwood Mac, anyone?

14) Electric Love – BORNS (2015)

ELO shines through in this trippy song.

15) The Wire – HAIM (2013)

We hear Heartache Tonight by The Eagles when we listen to this song.

16) Hold On – Alabama Shakes (2012)

Well, hey there, soul sister… A little Janis Joplin, a little Pearl Jam…

17) I Need Never Get Old – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (2015)

Old School Soul + Blues Brothers = So. Darn. Good.

18) Come Alive – Chromeo ft. Toro y Moi (2014)

Pure 80’s awesomeness.

19) Coming Home – Leon Bridges  (2015)

Sam Cooke, for sure.






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