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12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 6 Ugly Christmas Sweaters {Sixth Day}


According to, one of the likely reasons ugly Christmas sweaters has risen to great popularity in recent years is nostalgia:

“Ugly Christmas sweaters have that vintage Christmas appeal.  They remind many of us of the days when Christmas meant going to bed so Santa could bring those presents and waking up with an anticipation we would rarely if ever experience otherwise.  In other words, it reminds of what Christmas was before it was merely the Super Bowl of business transactions.”

For a long time, finding ugly sweaters meant raiding your Grandmother Mildred’s closet or Uncle Clyde’s dresser drawers. No ugly sweaters in the family? No problem. A trip to Goodwill or the Salvation Army or other second-hand stores could net you a pretty sweet ugly cardigan, v-neck, or pullover. Now, ugly sweaters are big business, with shops popping up all over the internet and every big and small national and local clothing store looking to capitalize on the ugly sweater craze.

Today, instead of having to search for vintage ugly sweaters (or make your own), companies like Tipsy Elves manufacture and sell intentionally-ugly sweaters (and other outrageous Christmas attire), and the offerings are legion. Ugly sweaters actually have become part of the “Super Bowl of business transactions” and ugly Christmas sweater parties—now a staple of the holiday season—drive the sales of these dreadful duds. Not only do families and friends gather to show off their ghastly garments, but bars and other businesses sponsor contests and award cash and prizes for the worst-of-the-worst ugly sweater fashions.

The bottom line is that ugly sweaters provide impetus for friends and family to gather together, enjoy each other’s company, and provide plenty of fodder for laughter and the making of nostalgic memories-to-be. And anything that promotes a connection with loved ones is something we are happy to recommend here at The Nostalgia Diaries.

Now, of course we are not saying that if you wear any of the following sweaters that you will feel a stronger bond with your family. In fact, your family may disown you if you sport any of these deplorable dressings in public. But if you are looking to be in contention for winning a prize for ugliest sweater, we believe the following six sweaters may fit the bill.

1) Santa Cats Ugly Christmas Sweater

Way too many Christmas cats.

2) Santa Riding Unicorn Ugly Christmas Sweater

Because the only thing more magical than Santa is Santa riding a unicorn. In space.

3) Light Up Vest Ugly Christmas Sweater

Not only is it a vest, it also lights up. As if wearing a Christmas vest wasn’t bad enough.

4) Faux Cardigan with Tie Ugly Christmas Sweater

The addition of the tie really brings the ugly of this sweater up a notch. And the fact that that it is only pretending to be a sweater will make this, and you, a winner.

5) Happy Hanukkah Ugly Sweater

Alright. We understand this is not a Christmas sweater. But Christians do not hold a monopoly on ugly sweaters. We love this one, because it’s just…so…blue.

6) Christmas Present Ugly Sweater

This is one present we wouldn’t want to open.

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  1. This post is great and made me smile…I’d have to say that the Santa cat sweater is the worst…and, don’t judge me, but, I find the faux cardigan with Christmas tie so ironically geeky that it takes a turn to hipster chic…thanks for sharing 🙂

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