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12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 2 Holiday Gift Guides {Second Day}


On the Second Day of Christmas,
The Nostalgia Diaries gave to me…




The Nostalgia Diaries’ Holiday Gift Guide for Young Nostalgia Seekers

(**Titles are clickable links to purchase products.**)

  1. Vintage Kaleidoscope Camera: I loved looking through kaleidoscopes as a kid! Pass the wonder of optical magic along to those curious kiddos in your life.
  2. Classic Jacks Game: Challenging and fun! These old-time games are a nice break from having your kids’ face buried in their iPhone screens playing “virtual” games.
  3. Kerplunk: A classic game I used to love as a kid! Sure to delight children of all ages.
  4. Prismacolor 24-Count Colored Pencils: The young artists in your family will love these high-quality pencils for creating fabulous works of art.  And when they are done, you can use them for your own adult coloring books!  Win-Win!
  5. The Eighties 1000 Piece Puzzle: For the nostalgic puzzle lover and a great way to spend quality family time together. Teach your kids about the awesomeness of the 80s with this challenging 1000 piece puzzle. White Mountain Puzzles has many other subjects too if the awesomeness of the 80’s are lost on the younger generation.
  6. Mr. Food Face Plate: Food art is awesome! A fun and simple gift that will bring smiles to young faces around the dinner table.
  7. I’ll Write You! Postcard Set: Forget email or or text or Snapchat or Instagram. Give the gift of old-school communication! Encourages creativity with a set of 6 postcards and 6 colored pencils.
  8. Pick-Up Sticks: Great for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Another classic family game!
  9. Candy Land 65th Anniversary Game: The classic board game that was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. This is the 65th Anniversary edition and as the reviewers say, this is just like how they remember it as a kid. Get the kids away from the screens and bring back family game night!
  10. Classic Building Blocks: Let this 64 piece block set inspire creativity and imagination. Fun to build. Fun to demolish.


The Nostalgia Diaries’ Holiday Gift Guide for the Young at Heart

**Titles are clickable links to purchase products.**

  1. Jensen 3-Speed Record Player: I bought this Jensen 3-Speed record player as part of my nostalgia journey and I love it. There is just something warm and inviting about listening to vinyl. This record player is an inexpensive way to get that vintage sound back in your life!  
  2. Harney & Sons Fine Teas Green Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea: I think I may have previously mentioned my slight obsession with Harney & Sons Green Hot Cinnamon Tea. Drinking this tea makes me so. darn. happy. Try it and you will be hooked!
  3. Mosaic Mixbook: What’s a classic way to save memories? Photo albums! The Mosaic Mixbook is one of the newest photo books that makes sharing photos easy! Use photos from social media, your phone or iPad, or your computer to create a high quality printed book. Fast production and shipping makes this a great gift.
  4. The Slow Watch: The Slow Watch is pretty darn cool and would make a great gift! According to the product description, the 24-hour dial allows you to see the entire day in one view, which “fundamentally changes the way you look at your watch and it will give you a much better consciousness about the progression of your day.”  Love the look and idea behind these watches!  Swiss-Made.
  5. The Bartender’s Guide: How to Mix Drinks: A Bon Vivant’s Companion: Looking for a helpful “how to” book to give this Christmas?  This book is a reproduction of the 1862 edition of Jerry Thomas’s pioneering cocktail book. Old books and cocktails? Sounds like the makings of an awesome book club!
  6. Presto Poplite Hot Air Popper: Bring back the nostalgic tradition of movie night, but don’t forget the popcorn! This popcorn popper has great ratings on Amazon. An air popper that claims to be “faster, healthier and more economical than most microwave bag popcorn.”
  7. Polaroid Instant Camera: I don’t own this camera, but I want it! As one Polaroid camera owner said about instant cameras: You take one picture and you get one picture. So if you want to give it to someone, it’s like a little gift.” Definitely a nostalgic way to capture the moments of your life!
  8. Patagonia Nano Puff Vest: Remember bundling up as a kid in 10 layers? Luckily this Patagonia Nano Puff Vest is so warm that all of those added layers are unnecessary. I love its light weight. Patagonia is a socially conscious company, and their clothing is top-notch. For the women in your life who deserve some warmth! (Available for men, too!)
  9. Homesick Candles: These are getting some serious social media love these days. The concept is that these candles capture the unique scent of your home state. To “create that feeling of home, wherever you may be.” Handmade in the U.S.A.
  10. Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker: I have this ultra portable speaker in my home and love the great Bose sound! It’s perfect for listening to all the old-school music I’ve got on iTunes. Give the gift of music this year!

Just joining us for this series? Find the 1st Day of Christmas here! And check back tomorrow as we’ve rounded up some nostalgic traditions for you to put into practice this year on the Third Day of Christmas!


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13 thoughts on “12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 2 Holiday Gift Guides {Second Day}

  1. My aunt has a 1000 piece puzzle of the New York cityscape! Don’t know if that’s an eighties one tho 😅
    And oh my gobbling turkey, I LOVED pick-up sticks! The strategies me and my sister came up for success. Miss those days 💕

  2. I just loved this trip down memory lane….Kerplunk was one of my favourite games….boy, things have changed so much in terms of what was exciting and fun….thanks for bringing to mind so many fun a appreciated memories and Christmas wishes 🙂

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