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Do you remember Throwback Thursday a/k/a #ThrowbackThursday a/k/a #TBT?

What happened to that? 

Oh, to be sure, #TBT is still around. You’ll still see plenty of pictures of days gone by posted by your friends and family and celebrities and companies on Facebook and Instagram and other social media. And the success of Facebook’s On This Day feature and the Timehop app shows that people are itching to find and share their past memories. Most of you have posted many Throwback Thursday memories in the past few years

I’ve seen ’em. 🙂 

You felt good posting them, didn’t you? They made you smile. They made other people smile. You connected with people. Old friends commented and said, “I remember that LOL!” New friends commented and said, “Wow, I had NO idea!”

But sadly, the popularity of Throwback Thursday has waned. And that just shouldn’t happen.

I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to see pictures like this?

#whoyagonnacall #tbt #sweethaircut #bringbackthrowback

Yes, that’s me in all my GHOSTBUSTERS glory. As you can tell, this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill $20 Halloween costume hastily picked out at the last minute. Nope, this awesome costume was hand-crafted by my engineer father, who spent weeks making sure it was just right. I mean, it’s not an exact replica, but it’s still pretty awesome. 

I can’t decide what part of that photo I love best: the sideways sticker, what looks to be a my miniature beer belly (I swear it’s just baby fat), or my hair. (“Hey, Corey, guess what? 1976 called. It wants its Dorothy Hamill haircut back.” Never mind that this was 1985….)

Actually, I know what the best part of that photo is: the look on my 4-year-old face, which is one of pure pride and joy. This picture makes my 35-year-old face smile. 

And that’s what #TBT was—and still is—all about.  It’s all about nostalgia for the past that makes you happy now. With all the hate and vitriol and general insanity clogging our news feeds these days, don’t you think it would be nice to add a little more happiness and warmth and LOL to the mix?

My continuing GHOSTBUSTERS obsession, documented at an early age. Circa 1987.

I think it’s time to restore Throwback Thursday as everyone’s go-to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts on Thursdays. Not only does it allow you, my fellow nostalgia seekers, to take a warm and fuzzy trip down memory lane as you plow through old photo albums (or for you youngsters, your iPhone camera roll), reminiscing about “that one time when…“, but it allows you to share those memories with your friends, your family, and—if you haven’t adjusted your privacy settings—the whole world.

So go out every Thursday and post all of those awesome, awkward, amazing photos of you back in the day when you were 6. Or 16. Or 60. It will make you happy. (So will this).

And hey, if you miss it on Thursday, there’s always Flashback Friday …





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