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10 Things We’re Loving Online | July

loving-online-july-nostalgia-diariesWe’re officially in the dog days of summer, and even though it’s been hot, hot, hot here, there’s just something like the feel of sunshine on your face, don’t you think? But as much as we love soaking up all the summer sun we can get, we sometimes have to stay inside—either as a respite from the intense heat or to stay dry when those afternoon thunderstorms start rolling in.

In those moments, we like to laze around the house: My daughter Zoey and I will color or put together a puzzle or whip up something delicious. If we’re feeling especially lazy, Zoey will watch a few episodes of her favorite show, Nerdy Nummies, and I’ll browse around online, scouring the interwebs for whatever “new” nostalgic things that might be out there, just waiting for me to discover and share with all of you.

This month was full of fun finds, so without further ado, here are 10 Things We’ve Been Loving Online for the month of July.

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Wonder Woman: A Nostalgic Hero Returns to the Big Screen


In your satin tights,
Fighting for your rights
And the old Red, White and Blue.*

Today we have a wonder-filled Throwback Thursday for you. Next month, nostalgic audiences will welcome the return of Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (2017)

First appearing in the 1941 comic, All Star Comics #8, Wonder Woman has since seen plenty of action through the decades, fighting an assortment of bad guys from Nazis to supervillans. She always prevailed, not only because of her exceptional fighting ability, but also because she had some handy super hero hardware to go along with her super hero patriotic tights (her sexy — or as some would say, sexist — version of the typical super suit worn by male super heroes). Bulletproof bracelets and shield, a telepathic tiara, and the Lasso of Truth have been mainstays to her crime-fighting arsenal.  Add to that her invisible plane, and you have a super hero that has instilled wonder, in every sense of the word, in generations of DC Comics fans and critics alike. (She has sparked continuing debate in some interesting articles such as this one and this one and this one). Continue reading “Wonder Woman: A Nostalgic Hero Returns to the Big Screen”

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#tbt: The First Thanksgiving

1280px-the_first_thanksgiving_cph-3g04961#tbt #thanksgiving #imsofull

Although we’re quite sure it happened a little differently than this (and many would say this was the tragic beginning of the end of the Native American culture), for us this image conjures up memories of elementary school history classes and the lessons we learned of sharing and acceptance. Those lessons were important back then, and they remain important today.

They also serve as a good reminder that we always should keep our minds and hearts open to everyone, no matter who they are and no matter where they come from. Inside we’re all the same–people who want to gather around a table, sharing stories and memories and the good, comforting company of our loved ones, the people we hold near and dear to our hearts, and the people we call our family (no bloodlines necessary). Continue reading “#tbt: The First Thanksgiving”

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#tbt: Looking Up

Sky With Clouds Stock Photos

#tbt #cottoncandyclouds #iseearabbit #stopforaminute

Look up. Right there.See that photo of the clouds?  Better yet, go outside (you lucky dog, you), and actually look up. At the sky.

The real one.

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#tbt: Dewey Remember?


“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future.” – Ray Bradbury

#tbt  #shhhh!  #ihavetheentirelibraryinmypocket  #thankyougoogle

On this Throwback Thursday, we want you to raise your hand if you used a card catalog and know what the Dewey Decimal System is . . .

And we also want to remind you to make sure you pay your fine for that overdue library book. . .