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Week 36: A Renewed Excitement for Tomorrow | Everyday Nostalgia

A Renewed Excitement for Tomorrow | Everyday Nostalgia | The Nostalgia Diaries

It’s 5 o’clock on a Wednesday, and this early evening hour finds me standing in a schoolyard. Between the bright, white grids of newly-painted foursquare and hopscotch courts staring up at me and the smell of freshly-scattered wood chips tickling my nose, it’s no wonder I’ve just been momentarily transported back to my childhood. Although no one is here other than me, I can picture how this playground looked and sounded just a few hours earlier: The streak of red, green, and navy uniform-clad children filled with happy smiles, the squeak of bare skin against the slide, the metal clang of high-flying swings, and the loud peals of unfiltered, easy laughter.

A few freshly-fallen leaves dance around my feet, and although the breeze that lifts them is warm, there is a slight crispness to it—a good reminder that the official start of fall is just around the corner. Continue reading “Week 36: A Renewed Excitement for Tomorrow | Everyday Nostalgia”

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Week 35: Seasons of Love | Everyday Nostalgia


My daughter Zoey’s two-year-old smile spreads wide across her face as I lean over and unbuckle her from her carseat.

“Are you ready for some fun?” I ask.

Her response of a giggle fills the car as I lift her free and blow a raspberry kiss against the high curve of her little cheek. We emerge into the brightness of the day and then stand still for a moment, blinking as our eyes adjust to the hot, overhead sun.

It’s late August, and Zoey and I are in Ohio visiting my parents. For me, this trip has become more of a necessity than a luxury given the fact that everything back home seems to be coming apart at the seams: Life has been hard, love has all but faded, and my heart has become a veritable wasteland.

I had miraculously managed to stay relatively strong in spite of the circumstances, but after we boarded the plane and began our trip back East, exhaustion finally swept over me.  Continue reading “Week 35: Seasons of Love | Everyday Nostalgia”