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Week 11: Hope for Our Future | Everyday Nostalgia


About a week or so ago, as my daughter Zoey and I were getting ready for the day, I flipped on the television. I had heard rumors of snow, and although I normally seek out the weather report on my phone, the remote was closer. The weatherman hadn’t appeared yet so I continued to pack Zoey’s lunch.

Normally, Zoey and I chat as we busy ourselves in the morning, talking about the day ahead. But as I asked her if she was looking forward to ballet class, I found I had to repeat myself, which is something I rarely have to do. I found her in the living room, staring at the screen, a look of concern clouding her normally happy, joyful face. I turned my own face toward the television, and I watched scene after scene of awful, terrible news: a shooting… a robbery… a police search for a missing child… a murder…

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Make Some Memories Today



At the Nostalgia Diaries, our goal is to help you simplify, enhance, and engage your lives by focusing on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming. It’s all about celebrating the past to create better days today.

We’d love for you to join us in this journey.

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12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 3 Nostalgic Traditions {Third Day}


It seems to happen every year. You enter the holiday season with high expectations of having a memorable Christmas. But every year, something seems to be missing from your holiday celebrations. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you are quite certain when you are driving around the mall looking for that ideal close-in parking spot along with 10,000 other harried shoppers that whatever is missing, you hope you find it ASAP.


If that is you, perhaps what you are missing from your holidays are simple nostalgic traditions. I’ve found that, for me, traditions bring more meaning to the holidays and have better connected me with my friends and family.  And the connections with others makes all the difference in creating those fabled “Hallmark moments” during the holidays. Continue reading “12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 3 Nostalgic Traditions {Third Day}”

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Simple Nostalgia: Snow


O the snow, the beautiful snow
Filling the sky and the earth below!”

So starts the old nostalgic winter poem by John Whitaker Watson, and so too—hopefully—will be the start to the second day of December here in Colorado. As I write this, the weather folks are calling for a little bit of snow. A very little bit, but around here, you never really know. Could be a blizzard.

Or it could be just a couple of flakes.

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20 Great Quotes to Stir Your Nostalgic Soul – Part 2


Happy Friday, fellow nostalgia seekers! Last week we served up 10 of our favorite soul-stirring nostalgia quotes. Today we conclude our list with the second group of 10 quotes that are sure to inspire you to begin living a nostalgic life today. Enjoy!


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