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12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 12 Christmas Wishes {Twelfth Day}

twelve-days-day-twelve-wishes-nostalgiaMerry Christmas Eve!  We hope our 12 Days of Christmas series was as enjoyable for you to read as it was for us to create. If you missed a day, the list of every post can be found at the end of this post.

Thank you to everyone who liked and commented on the daily posts and a big thank you to all our new followers since we started the series on December 13. (And once again, thank you to our first 100 followers!)


2016 was a year filled with change. 2017 promises to be one filled with goals, growth, and gratitude, and what better way to celebrate Christmas and the coming of the new year than sharing a list of 12 Christmas wishes created especially for you, our wonderful readers.  We hope you can find some positive, encouraging, and hopeful words here and can use them to create better days today.

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20 Great Quotes to Stir Your Nostalgic Soul – Part 2


Happy Friday, fellow nostalgia seekers! Last week we served up 10 of our favorite soul-stirring nostalgia quotes. Today we conclude our list with the second group of 10 quotes that are sure to inspire you to begin living a nostalgic life today. Enjoy!


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I Want Candy | Halloween Nostalgia


“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!”

Do you remember your favorite Halloween candy when you were a kid? Was it Bazooka Gum? How about Dots? Necco Wafers? Ring Pops? Smarties? Jolly Ranchers? Nerds? Tootsie Pops? Warheads? Wax Lips?

Maybe you were partial to the chocolate candy? Hershey’s. Snickers. Milky Way. 100 Grand Bar. Milk Duds. Twix. Mr. Goodbar. Kit Kat. Baby Ruth.

Maybe you were a fan of Big Hunk.  Or Salted Nut Roll.

Did your parents accompany you on your trick-or-treating adventures? Did they stand on the sidewalk and let you go up to the doors by yourself? Or did they walk you up to the porch, just to make sure you were safe? Maybe some of the closer neighbors would give a shot of schnapps to your dad as a special “treat”… Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker! Continue reading “I Want Candy | Halloween Nostalgia”

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Just Keep Singing

Microphone - Just Keep Singing - Nostalgia Diaries

“I want to sing like the birds singnot worrying about who hearsor what they think.” – Rumi

When I put my daughter, Zoey, to sleep at night, the one thing she always asks is for me to tell her the story of my day. For years, I’ve happily obliged to this request.

She started asking about my day she was only 3, an age where silliness was always a crowd-pleaser. In an effort to make my job seem just a tad bit more entertaining, I created a pretend group of silly animals that would hop in my purse and tag along with me into work. I’d tell her stories of the trouble they’d get into while I was busy with projects or meetings. Lulu the Mouse was frequently found in random places throughout the office, Chunk the Chipmunk would always be found eating something, Sky the Skunk would be found somewhere stinking up the place, and Honey the Bunny would live up to her name and behave while the rest of her friends caused a ruckus. “I mean, honestly, Zoey, by the time I found Chunk he had so many Peanut M&M’s stuffed into his cheeks he couldn’t even talk,” I’d tell her as she would collapse into a fit of giggles, my level of silliness obviously meeting her approval. Years later, she still asks me what kind of trouble Lulu gets into and if Chunk’s favorite M&M color is still red. Continue reading “Just Keep Singing”

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Why You Should Be Nostalgic

Bubbles - Why Nostalgia - Nostalgia Diaries

Because it’s good for you, that’s why.

And remarkably, all the human senses may be involved in experiencing nostalgia.

My hope is that as you read through The Nostalgia Diaries, you will reap all of the positive benefits that nostalgia promotes.

And I hope it will encourage you to plan and engage in what famous nostalgia researcher Constantine Sedikides identified as “anticipatory nostalgia”—the creation of “nostalgic-to-be memories.”

Yep, you heard me. You can mindfully create events and moments today that will create happy, positive, and super-beneficial nostalgic thoughts and feelings tomorrow.

How cool is that?

So keep on reading for inspiring ways to help you celebrate the past to create a better life today and into the future!