Nostalgic Christmas Specials You Can’t Miss


Growing up, TV Christmas specials were a highlight of the season. They were innocent, cheesy, and oh-so-spectacular. Honestly, who could resist the holiday stylings of the Osmonds or the Carpenters?

Whether it was Donnie & Marie or Karen & Richard, or whether it was Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, or Andy Williams, watching those variety shows always helped make the Christmas season merry and bright.

And how awesome is it that they can be found on YouTube?

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Three Amazing Ways Being Nostalgic Can Brighten Your Holidays


Are you hoping for an unforgettable holiday season this year?  Why not try a little nostalgia.  Why? Studies have shown nostalgic thinking has powerful benefits to lift you up, to motivate you, to strengthen your relationships, to make you feel happy, and to make you feel content, among many other perks. Here are three amazing ways nostalgia can make this year’s holidays better and brighter:

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I’ll Take Then and Now for $200, Alex


“… the night dropped down until the only sounds were the crickets & the dance of our voices…” – Brian Andreas

I’m six, it’s late, and I can’t sleep.

Most nights I can’t, so this is nothing new.

Enough light from the moon shines into the room to make out the small heart-shaped flowers that adorn my wallpaper. The window is open, and I can hear the crickets singing in the night heat.

I consider going to get my mom, but I did that last night, so I wonder if my brother Kurt is up. I quietly slide out of my bed and pad down the hall toward his room. As I near his door, I see a faint yellow sliver at its base, so I push it open. He’s awake, the top of his head tenting his covers, a flashlight on underneath, no doubt a book in his hands.

Kurt,” I whisper.

He is used to this, and he pulls back the blanket by way of a yes.

I climb up next to him, really awake now, and ask if we can play a game. Jeopardy is our old stand-by. Continue reading “I’ll Take Then and Now for $200, Alex”

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ABBA Fans Rejoice On Music Monday!


“Without a song or a dance what are we?” – ABBA

Mamma Mia!  Talk about celebrating the past to create better days today! Swedish supergroup ABBA is planning to reunite in 2018 for live shows that “will utilize the very latest in digital and virtual reality technology.”

Benny Andersson of the group clearly understands the importance of nostalgia in connecting with fans today and in the future. He said of the new project: “We’re inspired by the limitless possibilities of what the future holds and are loving being a part of creating something new and dramatic here. A time machine that captures the essence of who we were and are.

You can sign me up for a ride in that time machine, Benny!

(And speaking of things Swedish, remember this?)









I Want Candy | Halloween Nostalgia


“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!”

Do you remember your favorite Halloween candy when you were a kid? Was it Bazooka Gum? How about Dots? Necco Wafers? Ring Pops? Smarties? Jolly Ranchers? Nerds? Tootsie Pops? Warheads? Wax Lips?

Maybe you were partial to the chocolate candy? Hershey’s. Snickers. Milky Way. 100 Grand Bar. Milk Duds. Twix. Mr. Goodbar. Kit Kat. Baby Ruth.

Maybe you were a fan of Big Hunk.  Or Salted Nut Roll.

Did your parents accompany you on your trick-or-treating adventures? Did they stand on the sidewalk and let you go up to the doors by yourself? Or did they walk you up to the porch, just to make sure you were safe? Maybe some of the closer neighbors would give a shot of schnapps to your dad as a special “treat”… Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker! Continue reading “I Want Candy | Halloween Nostalgia”