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National Crayon Day: Color Us Happy!

crayons-nostalgia-diaries“Smelling a crayon takes you right back to childhood, he said. When I need to go back in time, I put it under my nose and take another hit.”
– Randy Pausch

Did you know that today is National Crayon Day? Here at the Nostalgia Diaries, we love fun little holidays like this that evoke memories of our childhood. Who doesn’t remember the smell of a crayon — which is almost better than the crayon itself? Or trying to decide just which color was your favorite? Or the happiness and wonder that a new box of crayons held? Continue reading “National Crayon Day: Color Us Happy!”

Childhood · Nostalgia

Creating Cows and Other Whimsical Things

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See that happy little cow up there? Isn’t there something so whimsical, wonderful, and nostalgic about her?

That cow is the creation of my 5-year-old daughter, Zoey. She loves art so much that she regularly watches Bob Ross, adds things in to her drawings to make them feel “more balanced,” and dreams of owning her own art gallery. Continue reading “Creating Cows and Other Whimsical Things”