Modern Nostalgia

#tbt: Looking Up

Sky With Clouds Stock Photos

#tbt #cottoncandyclouds #iseearabbit #stopforaminute

Look up. Right there.See that photo of the clouds?  Better yet, go outside (you lucky dog, you), and actually look up. At the sky.

The real one.

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Do you remember Throwback Thursday a/k/a #ThrowbackThursday a/k/a #TBT?

What happened to that? 

Oh, to be sure, #TBT is still around. You’ll still see plenty of pictures of days gone by posted by your friends and family and celebrities and companies on Facebook and Instagram and other social media. And the success of Facebook’s On This Day feature and the Timehop app shows that people are itching to find and share their past memories. Most of you have posted many Throwback Thursday memories in the past few years

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