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12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 10 Quotes That Honor the Spirit of Christmas {Tenth Day}


We could say many things to express the joy, love, hope, and excitement of the Christmas season. But for this post, we’re handing the “pen” over to some more famous folks (at least for now) who, like us, have a soft spot in their hearts for this simply splendid holiday. 


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Though we just started blogging, imagine our excitement to find out we just had our 100th WordPress follower! As you know, we like to spread the love, so we wanted to do a quick shout out to our first 100 followers. Settle in and check them out – there’s a lot of good writing out there just waiting to be read. We are beyond humbled and are so grateful to all of our readers for their support. Thank you!
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Leaving a Legacy: How Will You Be Remembered?


“Zoey!” I call out, the impatience apparent in my voice. I glance at my watch as I place her lunchbox in her backpack.

7:32 a.m. Five minutes until we need to leave.

She’s supposed to be brushing her teeth, but instead of running water and toothbrush scrubbing, the only sound I hear coming from the bathroom is her sweet chattering. Zoey’s been talking to herself since she first learned to speak; how comforting it must be, I think, to always have someone to talk to, who you can always count on to listen. If it was the weekend, I would have just smiled to myself and let her carry on her conversation, but alas, it’s a school day.

The first bell will ring in 13 minutes.

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Simple Nostalgia: Snow


O the snow, the beautiful snow
Filling the sky and the earth below!”

So starts the old nostalgic winter poem by John Whitaker Watson, and so too—hopefully—will be the start to the second day of December here in Colorado. As I write this, the weather folks are calling for a little bit of snow. A very little bit, but around here, you never really know. Could be a blizzard.

Or it could be just a couple of flakes.

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#tbt: Looking Forward to the First December Snow

nostalgic-snow2#Decembersnow #nobusinesslikesnowbusiness #stillwaiting


What is it about December snow? There is something magical about big white fluffy flakes, dancing in the air, ushering in winter. Of course, most years it snows here much earlier than December. Sometimes in September.  Usually in October. Definitely in November.

But December snow, especially that first December snow, is real snow. It’s an honest snow. A nostalgic snow. It’s the snow that you could watch for hours, dusting the ground, then accumulating into inches and then feet. It’s the snow that will lay the foundation for snowmen and snowballs and snow angels and snow forts.  It’s the snow that will cover rooftops and hang heavy from evergreen trees.  It’s the snow that will blanket the ground, insulating the world and creating a quiet like no other.

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