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A Toast To Today (and Every Day)

To all the days here and after, may they be filled with fond memories, happiness, and laughter. An Irish Toast. Nostalgia Diaries.

A traditional Irish toast to wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


At the Nostalgia Diaries, our goal is to help you simplify, enhance, and engage your lives by focusing on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming. It’s all about celebrating the past to create better days today.

We’d love for you to join us in this journey.

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An Ode to St. Patrick: 10 Singers Whose Names Start with Pat


Ah, St. Patrick’s Day… the day to wear green (and to pinch those that don’t), the day to drink a few pints (most likely in a pub like the one shown above), and the day to celebrate all things Irish.

Since this week holds this much-loved holiday, we thought it would only be appropriate if our Music Monday post was an ode to St. Patrick himself. And what better way to do that then to share a playlist of 10 Singers Whose Names Start with Pat. We’re not sure if any of them are Irish, but then again, St. Patrick himself wasn’t Irish either. (Who knew?)

So as much as we love a good Irish jig, we thought this would be a fun, non-traditional selection of songs sure to start your St. Patrick’s Day week off right. By the way, we wrap up this playlist with a song so catchy, you’re sure to still be singing it by the time St. Patty’s Day rolls around on Friday. Take a listen, you’ll see what we mean. Continue reading “An Ode to St. Patrick: 10 Singers Whose Names Start with Pat”

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12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 11 Classic Christmas Books {Eleventh Day}


According to recent research by the Pew Research Center:

“[Y]oung adults – those ages 18 to 29 – are more likely than their elders to have read a book in the past 12 months. Fully 80% of young adults read a book, compared with 71% of those ages 30 to 49, 68% of those 50 to 64 and 69% of those 65 and older.”

This holiday season, let’s improve on those statistics. You probably have at least one of these classic Christmas books in your home right now. If not, go get one or more of them from the library or the bookstore. Gather the family. Kids. Mom and Dad. Grandpa and Grandma.

And read. Together. It’s one of the best ways to develop strong family bonds. Combine that with embracing the nostalgia of the season (which also strengthens personal connections and bolsters positive thinking), and you have the makings for a most magical, memorable, merry Christmas.

twelve-days-classic-christmas-books Continue reading “12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 11 Classic Christmas Books {Eleventh Day}”

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12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 9 Christmas Movies and a New Way to Think About Them {Ninth Day}


Everyone and their dog has made a list like this.  And they have done so, year after year, after year. Just Google “top holiday movies” or “top Christmas movies.”

Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

See? Dozens and dozens of lists just like this one.  Some have 10 movies.  Some 25 or 50. Some have 100.

I dunno . . . seems like a “Top 100 Christmas Movies” list would cover just about every Christmas movie you could possibly want to watch. One wonders what kind of horribleness your Christmas movie has to be to not make a top 100 list . . .

In any event, you may be asking yourself: why should I read another Christmas movie list? What could The Nostalgia Diaries possibly add to the conversation?

Continue reading “12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 9 Christmas Movies and a New Way to Think About Them {Ninth Day}”