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Did you know nostalgia strengthens a sense of meaning in life? In fact, nostalgia provides all kinds of positive benefits you may not know about.  Our goal here at The Nostalgia Diaries is to help you live a more simple, positive, and happier life by celebrating the past to create better days today. 

One of the ways we do that is by sharing cool, interesting, remarkable, fun, helpful, positive, motivating content (mostly centered around nostalgia) that we find around the interwebs. We do that here on the blog with our Music on Mondays, our Throwbacks on Thursdays, our #RememberReminders on Friday, and our Everyday Nostalgia on Sundays.  We do it every day on Facebook.  And while we don’t generally share other people’s stuff on The Nostalgia Diaries’ Instagram feed, we see some great content posted daily by our followers and those we follow. Like these shoes that Christina Campbell at _christina.pearl_  recently posted:


I mean honestly. To take something that is… well… gross, and turn it into… art? Well that’s just whimsical, creative, and funny.  Christina found it and shared it, and we loved it. (Of course at $2,240, we probably won’t be buying them anytime soon…).

As we mentioned last month, the last Thursday of each month we will provide a roundup of some of our favorite internet findings. Here you will find posts and websites and Facebook pages and Instagram feeds that maybe you missed the first time around.

So here is our round-up of the things we loved this magical month of May.

We’re Loving These Things Online

1) We found this uplifiting video, Reuninted, A Short Film About Music and the Human SpiritBecause there’s nothing like an uplifting story to remind you that life is sweet.

2) And this cringeworthy Wendy’s drink training videoBecause who doesn’t need a reminder about how totally awesome (or totally terrifying) the 80’s were?

3)  We really liked this article, What We Recall Through Scents Of Our PastBecause scent is such a powerful thing when it comes to invoking nostalgia.

4) And this Simplemost article: 18 Family Vacations to Take Before Your Kids Turn 18Because you should make memories with your family that someday you’ll be nostalgic about.

5) We posted this magical playlist this past Monday on the blog, and we were turned on by one of our readers to another artist, Amy Stroup, whose song Magic was just recently released. She says of her “throwback” music in Darling Magazine: “I hope my music will help people run faster and longer in a workout, enjoy washing dishes, look forward to traffic, find a new summer song, want to love somebody more and maybe even find their favorite sad song.”Because you can’t get enough magical music in your life.

6) The End of Forgetting is a thought provoking article Play-Doh-3about “nostalgia on demand” in the current edition of The Atlantic magazine… Because you can always learn more about the fascinating world of memory and nostalgia.

7) We found these fantastically whimsical and creative Play-Doh advertisements in AdWeek and posted it on our Facebook pageBecause when you take 10 months and 948 pots of Play-Doh to complete your ad work, someone should take notice. (We sure did!)

We’re Loving This Facebook Page

8) Dear Photograph Because time travel is possible.Dear Photograph

The Dear Photograph Facebook page (and website and book) contains a collection of photographs. But not just any photographs; these are pictures inspired by the Dear Photograph tag line: Take a Picture of a Picture from the Past in the Present.  And yep, each picture is exactly that: A photograph taken of a certain place with an old photograph of that very same place held in the frame.

The images are striking and beautiful, and haunting and fun, fascinating and oh-so-very nostalgic.  When we found the Dear Photograph site and saw the creator, Taylor Jones, had published a hardcover book, we knew we had to have it. If you want a nostalgic and poignant reminder of the power of time and memory, check out Dear Photograph.

We’re Loving This Instagram Account

9) Vincent Bousserez… Because we love whimsical, nostalgic art.

French artist Vincent Bousserez recently began a new photo series called “Nostalgies,” and we love it.  His use of highly recognizable children’s toys in his images create fun, moody, surreal scenes. Check out Vincent’s art and especially his “Nostalgies” photo series on Instagram

Rubiks cube

We’re Loving This Blog…

10) Chief Gratitude Officer


We love CGO’s mission: Inspire. Empower. Spread Joy.  That is definitely a mission we can get behind!

So, truth be told, we didn’t just find Chief Gratitude Officer just this month. We’ve actually been a fan of Caroline’s website and blog for several months now.  And in fact, she was lovely enough to have Corey as a guest blogger in March. You can find Corey’s post, and other posts about gratitude, inspiration, empowerment, joy, and much more, written by other inspiring contributors on the Chief Gratitude Officer blog.  And while you are there, check out the CGO shop, where you can find some awesome shirts, hats, bracelets, and other gratitude inspired merchandise. Get your gratitude on!

Thanks again to Chief Gratitude Officer for having Corey as a guest blogger!

So… Tell us about something wonderful you found on the internet this past month!


At the The Nostalgia Diaries, our goal is to help you simplify, enhance, and engage your lives by focusing on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming. It’s all about celebrating the past to create better days today.


P.S. Don’t forget to follow our colorful, creative spaces on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We’re fun and happy and whimsical and nostalgic over there, too. Pinky swear.


25 thoughts on “10 Things We’re Loving Online | May

  1. I loved the article “18 Family Vacations To Take before your kids turn 18” I love traveling with my kiddos and always looking for new ideas! 🙂

  2. I am going to read that article on scents. Some specific scents bring us crazy memories for me. I haven’t found anything particularly noteworthy this month… xo

  3. Thanks so much for sharing all of these!!! Lot’s of interesting go to’s for me. yay!

  4. I’m so glad you liked Magic! I totally believe that scents bring back memories. My husband lived in the Philippines when he was 5 and there are times when he smells something and it still brings him back.

  5. Thanks for sharing all of these! It’s a great list of things to check out online! I will be reading the 18 Family Vacation post to see where we need to travel as a family!

  6. Love the list and the article. It’s a great idea for an article and I expect to see some more great articles from you in the near future. Keep it up!

  7. That is amazing about those Play Doh ads! I can’t even imagine the amount of work! I love the 18 trips idea too. I can’t wait to start taking trips with my daughter!

  8. This is such a cute wrap up post! I love when bloggers just round up things they’ve been living. Definitely like this idea.

  9. I love to travel with my kids so I love the “18 vacations” article. My brother has done the throw back picture of himself when he was little! His was so funny! And who doesn’t love Play doh? We have it out daily! Congrats on your guest post!

  10. This is a great idea for a post! The CGO page is really interesting I will be definitely reading more into this blog. Thanks for sharing!

  11. The End of Forgetting was totally fascinating! Sometimes I feel a lot of pressure to capture, save, and back up my memories so I don’t lose a single one. I want to preserve them, but it’s a lot to handle in this age! I also loved the article about family vacations — those were some great and unique ideas!

  12. I loved the link to the post about scents…I think it’s one of our strongest senses, and I just love how a smell can bring you back to a specific point in time!

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