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Remember the Simple Choices of Childhood


Close your eyes and take a nostalgic little trip on this Throwback Thursday… It’s time to reminisce about your childhood days, when the hardest decisions involved the simplest things…

Cheerios or Rice Krispies…

 Red-Orange or Orange-Red…

Asteroids or Centipede…

Markers or colored pencils… 

Swings or monkey bars…

Red Rover or Red Light, Green Light…

Reading or playing outside…

Remember how, no matter what you picked, the days were still happy?

Now then, think about the countless decisions you have to make in your life today—everyday.

It’s so much more complicated, right?


The complexities of adult life create difficult decisions, and those decisions create so many opportunities to make the wrong choices. Choices involving other people, choices involving our actions, choices involving our words, choices having the potential to change our lives. Choices that leave us feeling lost or unhappy or overwhelmed.

If this is you, and you feel like you don’t know where to begin to gain control of your life, do what we’ve started doing:

Simplify your life.*

When we can sift through and cull the complicating things in life that weigh us down—whether physical or otherwise—we’re able to better remember the choices that once brought us happiness. We’re able to create warm, happy spaces for those simple things in our lives again. We’re able to be ourselves again.

And when we allow the room to bring ourselves back to life, we’re able to remember what’s really important to us. Focusing on simpler choices and simpler things that made us happier in the past will help make today’s big, complicated decisions easier.


At the Nostalgia Diaries, our goal is to help you simplify, enhance, and engage by focusing on the most important things: remembering, appreciating, believing, and becoming. It’s all about celebrating the past to create better days today.

We’d love for you to join us in this journey.

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*Yeah, we know … But we swear this WebMD article won’t incite any hypochondriac tendencies.


36 thoughts on “Remember the Simple Choices of Childhood

  1. I think I need a simplification right now. I feel like I need to stop every so often, reassess, and just start over. We do complicate things too much as adults and it stresses you out.

  2. Simplifying our lives is such a great practice. I have learned so much from traveling to other cultures and their happiness with truly nothing materialistic. It’s been a rewarding joy! xo~D

  3. In the last few years, everything has become so overcomplicated. The abundant amount of resources and gadgets – while they CAN make things more efficient and easier, they also make our stress levels out of control.

    Take, for example, my new workout routine. Previously, I needed some good tunes to keep myself entertained and occupied while on the elliptical. NOW, before I leave the house, I need to make sure I have my Fitbit on, my polar heart rate monitor on, my phone and headphones with me. We don’t NEED all of this stuff. I don’t know why I feel like I do. But I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed myself most on days when it’s just me doing the things I love, focused 100% on that.

  4. I really enjoy your writing style, Corey. Yep, simplicity is a blessing that I would like to get back to more! I’m trying to simplify my online life for one–not always easy!

  5. I love your mission to get back to what really matters in life by reflecting on the simplicity and nostalgia and pure joy of childhood. You’re such a wonderful writer that you truly do these topics justice. I love reading what you write.

  6. This is a beautiful reminder. I watch how my toddler becomes overwhelmed when I offer her too many choices, but fail to realize that it does the same to me! In a world where we are always multi-tasking and overstimulated by all this technology, it is so important to take the time to remember the simple things. Thank you for the reminder! I am going to start making my choices much simpler!

  7. You are so right about choices!! You are so innocent as a child, and most choices don’t have huge consequences. Plus, there was no social media, heck not even internet when I was kid. As an adult, choices can affect you in so many ways. I need some simplification.

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