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Be Mine [FREE Printable Valentine Coloring Page]


Let’s go way back… There you are at your desk, unable to sit still, your little heart all aflutter with hope and anticipation. In front of you, a pink, red, and white decorated shoe box. As you lift up the top and see the dozens of Valentines stuffed inside, you hope that one will be from that special someone. That boy or girl classmate who makes you light up when you see them on Monday morning, the one who makes you smile a little differently, the one that you’d share your peanut butter and jelly sandwich with any day.

As kids, we looked forward to the Valentine holiday at school, didn’t we? The day everyone had overflowing shoe boxes filled with sweet and innocent little cards. “I Like You!” they said. “You’re Pretty Cool!”

Image: Joe Haupt, used under license CC BY-SA 2.0

Some of them even had candy attached. Cherrysuckers. Candy hearts with more tiny love notes…

But… we grow up, and Valentine’s Day becomes different. Expectations grow, costs skyrocket, and as February 14 rolls around, astronomically-priced roses and boxes of chocolates and $6.95 Hallmark cards (and perhaps other, bigger gifts) replace the simple shoe-boxed friendship and love notes that were once more than enough to stir up romance in our little sixth-grade hearts.

So yes, the holiday changes for us as we grow older, but we’ll wager that those feelings you associate with Valentine’s Days gone by, the ones that you are nostalgic about, really come down to anticipation.  Anticipation of what the day could bring. Anticipation of the treats we might eat. Anticipation of those words we hope to read…

I like you.
I think you’re pretty cool.
I think you’re so neat!
You are awesome!

So for today’s Throwback Thursday, let’s bring back the old-school nostalgia of sharing words of love and friendship with our family. Our friends. Our classmates. Our co-workers.

Remember: Asking someone to “Be Mine” will never grow old.






8 thoughts on “Be Mine [FREE Printable Valentine Coloring Page]

  1. Oh neat!! My daughter is so excited for Valentine’s Day this year. This is the first year she’s going to be able to give to her classmates. I’m going to print this out and spend special time coloring with her. she’s so giddy it’s getting me giddy for Valentine’s Day!

  2. Valentine exchanges were always a high point of my childhood! Definitely think we should bring some old school back to our adult lives!

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