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12 Nostalgic Days of Christmas: 5 Classic Christmas Cookies {Day 5}


I’ve never met a Christmas cookie I didn’t like.

Well, that’s not true.  Christmas cookies with coconut I can do without. And candied fruit cookies.  Not a huge fan.  

But all other Christmas cookies. I. Love. Them.

My grandmother (we always called her Grandma Bear) loved to bake Christmas cookies.  I swear she must have started in mid-November to make all the dozens of cookies for the family. The anticipation waiting for her cookies to be delivered was almost unbearable. Every day starting early December we would watch out the window, waiting for the mail truck.

Then finally, when the box arrived we would cheer and run around like lunatics until we settled down.  We’d carefully unpack the tins and shoe boxes of cookies from the delivery box, mouths watering and tummies rumbling at the prospect of putting away 3 or 4 scrumptious cookies right then and there.

The tops of the tins and boxes would come off revealing the cookies, neatly layered between wax paper. We would peak under each sheet, looking for our favorites. Spritz cookies, and frosted sugar cookies and almond butter sticks, and buckeyes, and starlight mint surprises . . . Those were some of my favorites.

The arrival of Grandma Bear’s Christmas cookies should have been a holiday itself and, thinking about it now, my heart is filled with nostalgic memories of those wonderful days as a kid, when cookies were king and sugar plums danced in our heads.


The following cookies recipes are a mix of nostalgic personal cookies, awesome cookies from blogger friends, and yummy cookies found on the interwebs. We think you’ll want to add these cookies to your holiday baking repertoire.  If they are not nostalgic for you, no worries; perhaps someday they will be cookies that you and your kids (or their kids) will look back on with delightful memories of both making and eating them. 

And if your kids or grandkids are far away, no doubt they will cheer and run around like lunatics when the tins and boxes arrive at their doorstep on some future December day.

1) Christmas Cornflake Wreaths

One of our favorites. Like a Rice Krispie Treat, except made with Corn Flakes.  And shaped like a wreath. And they’re green.  So really nothing like a Rice Krispie Treat except for that magnificent buttery marshmallow crunch taste. So hard to eat just one. So make a lot of ‘em.

Photo by  The Nostalgia Diaries


1/2 cup butter
5 heaping cups miniature marshmallows
1 tsp green food coloring
6 cups corn flakes
Red cinnamon imperials


Measure corn flakes into a large bowl. Melt butter in a large saucepan over low heat, and once melted, add the marshmallows and stir continuously until completely melted. Stir in food coloring. Pour melted marshmallows over corn flakes, and stir until well coated. Lay out a piece of parchment paper on your kitchen counter. Dollop spoonfuls of the cornflake mixture onto the parchment paper. Grease your (clean) hands with butter or cooking spray. Using your fingers, shape each spoonful into an individual wreath. Top each wreath with cinnamon imperials.

(Helpful tip: Be sure to put the cinnamon imperials on the wreaths while they are still warm and the marshmallow sticky, as this will help them set into the cornflakes. I waited too long and then had to use a hairdryer to warm them back up, which made making these cookies quite entertaining and surely a memorable experience.)


2) Decorated Sugar Cookies

There’s nothing like a classic sugar cookie. And frosted sugar cookies at Christmas? Heavenly! Annie’s Eats does Decorated Sugar Cookies right with an easy recipe that is sure to please this holiday season. You can use store bought frosting, or make your own. Decorating sugar cookies is an excellent way to get the family together!


3) Chocolate Dipped Italian Butter Cookies

Butter and Chocolate? I honestly can’t think of a better combination, especially when it comes in the form of an Italian Butter Cookie.

The Kitchen McCabe made these Chocolate-Dipped Italian Butter Cookies even more beautiful with the addition of chocolate curls. Because more chocolate is always better, right? These delicious Italian treats require a little extra effort, but the end result is so worth it.


4) Snowballs

If you like simplicity, these cookies will fit the bill. Take a look at the recipe on website and you will see what we are talking about. Note that the original recipe post was created for Kerry Gold (a butter maker), so Melissathe mastermind behind The Faux Marthahas a link to Kerry Gold if you want the whole recipe.

Her introduction to this recipe is intriguing to us too. She writes about wanting to slow down and spend more “intentional time” together with family.  We agree that being present and mindful and simple are keys to making the holidays memorable. And we also agree with her that “simplicity tastes good.”  Check out if you are looking for a great new cookie or other recipe.  And do what she does: slow down.


5) Triple Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Cookies

Chocolate and peppermint are another perfect combination when it comes to Christmas cookies. Mauri over at The American Patriette shared these Triple Chocolate Peppermint Cookies with us, and just looking at this photo makes us want some of these ASAP. How could you go wrong with two different kinds of cocoa, Andes mint chips and a white chocolate peppermint Kiss?

We especially loved how Mauri had her two-year old daughter help her bake these “kissmas cookies”, and we agree that baking them will surely make some “sweet memories.” Check out The American Patriette for the recipe and to learn more about Mauri’s mission to encourage family togetherness and intentional hospitality.

So tell us: What Christmas cookie takes you on a trip down memory lane? We love to discover new recipes, so share your family favorites with us in the comments!


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  1. Have I said how much I love your blog/posts? Reading this, I internalized it in much the same way as revelled in storybook tellings of care packages sent to girls in boarding schools 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Hey, really interesting post about classic X-mas cookies as they are not the same as here in Finland. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  3. Sugar cookies with frosting are always fun to make and tasty to eat! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  4. I love baking, period and I’m always looking for something new! Thank you for this post! Your chocolate dipped butter cookies look amazing! I think they are going to be on my baking bucket list!

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