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Music Monday, Halloween Style!


It would be safe to say that there are many things we love over here at The Nostalgia Diaries – quotes, words, memories, color, laughter, life. Aw, heck, we love just about everything.

Of course one of the things that tops our list is music!

But you know what else is at the top of our list of things we love?:


With Halloween upon us—a holiday steeped in musical tradition—we thought we’d put together a Music Monday playlist that celebrates this spooky season. 

I mean seriously… Getting to do a blog post that celebrates two of our most favorite things? How completely awesome! Kinda like when you went trick-or-treating as a kid and came across a house that handed out full-sized candy bars. Score! (Not to be confused with these, of course.)


We’ve rounded up our top 6 favorite fun, silly, and creepy Halloween-appropriate tunes to share with you fellow nostalgia seekers. All of them bring about a little nostalgia for us, and we’re pretty sure they will for you, too. Because what’s not to love about choreographed zombies, a houseful of crazy people, a monster with killer dance moves, haunted rocking chairs, a funny 80’s rap about Freddy Krueger, and a group of men whose job it is to rid Chicago of ghosts?

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers

Jump in the Line – Harry Belafonte

A Nightmare on My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.

Happy Halloween, friends! We hope you have MOUNDS of fun!

Let us know: What’s your favorite Halloween song?

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9 thoughts on “Music Monday, Halloween Style!

  1. Sooooooo awesome….smile-inducing and heart-warming for sure…all the glory of the old days, without having to relive the painful parts…that’s what I love so much about nostalgia…this blog is brilliant…actually, you are! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. It’s so funny, one of my to do lists today was to make a halloween playlist for pumpkin carving later this week! So this has got me off to a good start! My favourite is I put a spell on you by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins…so good!

  3. YES! These are all so fun and definitely some of my favorites! I’d like to add Somebody’s Watching Me and Love Potion No 9.

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