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I Want Candy | Halloween Nostalgia


“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!”

Do you remember your favorite Halloween candy when you were a kid? Was it Bazooka Gum? How about Dots? Necco Wafers? Ring Pops? Smarties? Jolly Ranchers? Nerds? Tootsie Pops? Warheads? Wax Lips?

Maybe you were partial to the chocolate candy? Hershey’s. Snickers. Milky Way. 100 Grand Bar. Milk Duds. Twix. Mr. Goodbar. Kit Kat. Baby Ruth.

Maybe you were a fan of Big Hunk.  Or Salted Nut Roll.

Did your parents accompany you on your trick-or-treating adventures? Did they stand on the sidewalk and let you go up to the doors by yourself? Or did they walk you up to the porch, just to make sure you were safe? Maybe some of the closer neighbors would give a shot of schnapps to your dad as a special “treat”… Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker!

Did you use a pillowcase to collect your stash? Maybe a plastic pumpkin bucket?  Did you and your mom get crafty and decorate candy-collecting bags? Or perhaps your wise and dental-care conscious parents favored even smaller totes in an effort to circumvent the diabetic-inducing amount of sugar a pillowcase would hold?.


Folks in the south were usually treated to perfect weather on Halloween, making the trek around the neighborhood warm and easy-peasy. (Think of the Halloween scene from E.T.) Those in the north would walk around most years in costumes nobody could see because they were bundled up in coats and scarves and mittens because the temps were typically in the low teens with a windchill of minus thirty seven degrees and driving snow. Those northern kids would have a hard time saying “t-t-t-t-trick or t-t-t-t-t-treat” through their chattering teeth.

When you got back home, did you dump all your candy on the floor? The kitchen table? Separate it all out by brand? Color?  Size? Would you count how many pieces?  Would you trade with your brother or sister or friends?  Clearly someone else would appreciate that box of Raisinettes more than you.

No doubt your safety conscious parents would check for open or damaged candy wrappers or homemade baked goods, before you laid into the stash, certain that someone probably slipped a pin or a syringe or a razor blade into that Granny Smith caramel apple.

Once your folks signaled “all clear,” it was time to chow on Charleston Chews and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and waaaay too many Gummy Bears until you felt the canker sores develop on your gums and your heart raced and your stomach screamed.

But you would go to bed with a smile, knowing it was another perfect Halloween.

So why not relive those memories this year, fellow nostalgia seekers? Get out there with your kids. Dress up in costume. Engage your neighbors in conversation about the beautiful/awful Halloween weather. Maybe some good-hearted folks will give you a delicious liquid treat. Heck, maybe your kids will even share their candy with you.  Maybe you can trade them a few candy bars for a toothbrush.

And if you don’t have kids, just go buy your favorite candy from a local store (or remember to buy in bulk online for next year), dump it in a pillowcase, put on It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, grab some schnapps, and enjoy the simple nostalgia of Halloween!

Let us know: What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

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20 thoughts on “I Want Candy | Halloween Nostalgia

  1. I have a SERIOUS sweet-tooth so to pick a favorite is such a challenge! 🙂 As a kid I always really love Three Musketeers the most, though. I used to peel off the chocolate and eat that first, then eat the nougat plain, haha! Gross to think about now, but it was such a delicacy back then, lol!

  2. I was going to mention how nostalgic you made me feel, but then I read your URL ha! I always loved candy corn, especially when it was in the shape of pumpkins. My mom would buy it every year and we would set it on our coffee table to snack on. When I would go trick or treating, I always looks for 3 Musketeers or blow-pops; they were my absolute favorite! I remember I had a Hello Kitty basket to carry my candy in! I do miss those days!

  3. YES Halloween makes me very nostalgic! I loved the mini Kit Kats, Twix, Nestle Crunch, all the chocolate pretty much! I did like the little boxes of Nerds too! I always carried a pillow case and I remember it would get so heavy by the end! It’s not the same I’ve noticed, not as many kids trick or treat anymore.

  4. What a fun post! I currently don’t eat carbs so I’m actually pretty sad about tonight 🙁 But if I HAD to pick a favorite, I’d say Snickers. They’re extra good when they’re put in the freezer too!

  5. now I want lots of candy!!! haha! as a kid I liked all candies but as an adult I’m loving the mini sized chocolate bars! I’ll be stealing some from my kiddos tonight! happy halloween!

  6. One of my favorite parts of Halloween is getting to pass candy out to all the kids and see their costumes! Chocolate was definitely my favorite, but you could never go wrong with a classic tootsie roll.


  7. As a kid, teizzlers and KitKats were my fav! This year while walking the kids we went buy a house that was passing out candy and grilling it dogs. That was a nice treat.

  8. True story. I once found a bag of years-old Halloween candy behind the refrigerator in my old house while I was cleaning and preparing to move. I am a big fan of the old school candy like candy corn and the pumpkins. I also used to get gummy Coke bottles when I was a kid. Those were yummy!

  9. I know this is going to sound strange, but I was not a big trick or treat fan. And I only remember going a couple of times. What I did like was the candy we would get from the various functions at this time of year. I hated candy corn (still do). I loved Smarties (still do) and those mini chocolate bars (still do!!); those were always like finding nuggets of gold in the stash. And let us not forget Hershey’s Kisses. 😛

  10. My sisters and I would spread all our candy out, categorize it, and then start trading. The trading was more fun than the actual trick or treating!

  11. I was really surprised to see how trick or treating has changed since I was a kid. We were allowed to roam the streets all night collecting as much candy as we could, along with everyone else from school. Nowadays, there’s barely any kids walking around, all the parents are driving them and there’s definitely not as many houses to score from. I’m a lover of Reese’s — my all time favorite candy! I think I lucked out too because my daughter is not a fan of them and my son as a mild peanut allergy. (insert evil chuckle), Happy Halloween!

  12. Halloween is one of my most favorite days of the year!!! I enjoy it more now than I did as a kid. Mostly because we live in a neighborhood where we can walk the streets and catch up with our neighbors and the kids are thrilled to be outside running around.

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